1. New openers are cheap, quieter, and won't waste hours of your time trying to troubleshoot. Unless you just want to tear into it for fun, I wouldn't consider trying to fix it.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. The opener installation is about 18 years old, so I expect it is time for a new motor head. The spring is that age, too. The opener had recently stopped responding to any remote control, too (tried to re-program to two remotes).

  3. If your door is properly balanced you should be able to bring it up to shoulder height, let go, and the door should not drop or raise on it own.

  4. This entire situation is a classic case of "the ends justify the means". What ever it takes to make it happen, do it.

  5. So, to be clear, it's not that you can't get it going, the problem is that you don't know how to get it going. I don't mean to be "that guy", but those are two different problems.

  6. The tenant should 1099 you for all expenses that they pay to you. It doesn’t matter if you remit it to someone else.

  7. Thanks. Makes sense. A Form 1099 documents where money flows, according to the rules. If Owner gets money, it should be on a 1099. If owner gives money, it should be on a 1099.

  8. Do the tenants pay the property tax to you or the county? All these expenses, to whom are they paid?

  9. SO, I'm gonna guess, if the Owner receives the money, it should be on his 1099 from tenant.

  10. My Samsung TV is insanely chirpy. Most of the time it is in standby and it manages to get into the top clients lists.

  11. Honestly, Boomers actually have good social skills and are not afraid of talking to people in person and network. Some of the Gen Z generation are kind of weird. They never want to call up the client and talk to them by phone. They want to write super wordy emails that no one has time to read when it can be addressed by a quick zoom or phone call.

  12. Some things have to be documented. If I reach an agreement on a phone / Zoom basis, I will put the agreement into words to the other party. Memory fades, words can take on different meanings as time passes. I'll grant you that there is a line between necessary and sufficient and "super wordy"

  13. You need to weigh what you gain with what you give up. As z contract employee, you will have no company paid benefits like health insurance, paid vacation and holidays, ... All the benefits

  14. Are there guides on how to set it up? Does my router need to support a VPN?

  15. The answer to your question depends on what you expect from your project. From what you said, it appears you want to be on your home network while remote.

  16. Select your UPS carefully and consider your electric service, too. I thought a UPS would be good until I had a power failure that outlasted the UPS. The UPS's I used needed to be turned ON once they recharged from fully dead, since they come back OFF. If you're not around to press the ON button, they stay OFF until you are.....

  17. I knew that one could use it as a simple daily driver, but never met anyone doing it.

  18. Firefox is appalling. 60 megabit. Chrome is better at 160 megabit. Speedtest from CLI yields 400+ (I buy 400 megabit service).

  19. Thank you for the insight. I guess i could tape one to the back of the monitor for a quick lookup tool if the laptop is doing something else, but not more than that!

  20. I have a bunch of RPis around. I use them for pihole DNS work and VPN servers to give me network access when I'm not local to summer and winter homes. Another is my TimeMachine server for my Macbook backups. The one in the office with the SSD is a grand experiment.

  21. Thanks for sharing. I had heard about allergy testing, but not seen the results. Sorry you have so many positives!

  22. Many thanks, that sounds like an ideal solution. We will have a look into it in the upcoming days after the hardware arrives.

  23. One more thing. Two router on the same network may compete for the same address space. Most routers set up their DHCP for

  24. Would a guy that turns off wifi at night because he's scared of the "radiation" know how to do that?

  25. Some routers have a mechanical WiFi on/off switch on the front panel.

  26. I'm saying the landlord probably doesn't know how to detect an SSID that isn't broadcasting.

  27. Gotcha - I thought you meant he wouldn't know how to turn off the WiFi at night.

  28. I think your thinking about this the wrong way. It is most likely Amazon that is blocking access to a client that uses a VPN (you). They recognize the IP the VPN has given you.

  29. I could understand if I was trying to use a VPN for the Amazon video app due to copyright laws, but for shopping, it makes no sense to me. Somebody mentioned in an article I just read that it was against Amazon's TOS, but I went through them, and there's nothing about using a VPN for shopping. Playing media, yes but that it is blocked entirely, no.

  30. Far be it for me to understand Amazon's way of conducting business. Just know that it is more than selling you something on their marketplace. If you mask your IP with a VPN, perhaps they can't get everything they can from you.

  31. Is there a fault with your mouse wheel? Sounds like a very common failure mode for mouse wheels. Often caused by dirt.

  32. I think I found the problem. Read more here:

  33. Well, wouldn't that be something.... I put another mouse in service as soon as I read your comment and things seem to have calmed down a good bit.

  34. I think what you want to do could best be done with a VNC connection. I use VNC viewer on iPad. Honestly I don’t know if there is an iOS server app for iPads and I don’t think there is after a little research.

  35. can't help except to ask, if you standardize the source, does the difference still exist? I.e., if you play the same YouTube video on both.

  36. Yeah, I thought it could be seated a little deeper into the socket, too.

  37. If the platter is stuck and can't spin the only way to recover the data is to open the drive and spin the platter by hand then copy the data to another drive. Ive done it a few times to recover a drives data but that drive is toast. They always quit spinning again eventually.

  38. “Stiction”. I have very carefully given the drive a gentle spin by hand (out of the computer) or as a last resort tapped the edge of the drive to provide a little angular momentum to find a fresh spot on the drive motor. Last resort. Offload that important data and destroy the drive. Remove temptation to keep using, LOL.

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