Irani and USA footballplayer give each other a hug after the game (1:0 USA)

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  1. Just when I thought this car couldn't get uglier...

  2. I’ll keep my opinions to myself and just say yes that is definitely a car

  3. Literally everyone is sick w a cold, the flu, covid or rsv right now

  4. It's cool - but that big rectangle is jarring. AUDI has the design chops to integrate that screen into the car's dash in a more designed way. Right now it looks like it was rushed, and just put there.

  5. When Canada was playing - all your heard was Buchanan this and Buchanan that!!! Annoying.

  6. I used to admire this guy - now I see him as a loser. He’s become a super villain.

  7. Eddie Murphy obviously killed it

  8. Wait till tax reassessment arrives later in the year. Hope you planned and $aved for that.

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