1. See N1 training on why cable pull throughs aren’t a good glute exercise.

  2. I just read it. Makes sense. And tbh, it's not my favorite movement (I start feeling it in my low back pretty quickly)

  3. It’s tricky. I had to use some plates to elevate my heels on this and had to put the machine at the heaviest setting possible to brace me. It took a while. Honestly, if my new gym didn’t have this, I was getting to a point where I was just going to purchase one online as I can’t do deadlifts

  4. Yeah, tbh it's more work to set it up than it's worth. I also can't deadlift bc 1) my form is sloppy and 2) the ez bar

  5. Lots of good ideas, but what about those of us who are lactose intolerant? I tried eating the Fage LF greek yogurt and my stomach didn't agree after a few times.

  6. Your post title specified "for busy people" right? 😅 I wouldn't consider a chicken quesadilla a quick meal, let alone a breakfast item

  7. For those who had labs confirm low testosterone, did you do another lab weeks later just to be sure it wasn't an "off" day? I've read that this is recommended before starting therapy.

  8. Yes I did repeat labs 6 weeks after my pellets were inserted. They were at normal levels with HRT. My testosterone was at 0 before HRT.

  9. Yes, I understand getting retested shortly after starting therapy. My question was about getting retested beforehand

  10. Omg this is me. Turning 40 this year too. I feel seen 💕🥹

  11. I'm turning 40 this year and have decided that I want to fully embrace the style I've always loved. Problem is, where do I start in building my new wardrobe? I love skinny jeans, Vans shoes, band shirts, etc. I know this style is typically associated with young kids, but I don't care 🤪 Also, any links to Pinterest boards and/or Instagram accounts are great. Thanks.

  12. I assume the only real difference you might actually want to look a little bit more put together, in which case I'd recommend checking out

  13. I don’t see the resemblance other than them being bald black men with a beard.

  14. I get confused with other black men at work all the time that look NOTHING like me. Like one of my coworkers is a dark skinned Nigerian with a full head of hair while while I’m a medium complexion bald black guy and we still get called each other’s names.

  15. Side note I have that same drawer organizer set, total game changer!

  16. I'm just trying to figure out what happened to her boobs 🤣

  17. Hi there! I'm not quite novice, but definitely not a seasoned competitor. I have 3 shows under my belt (1 being a national show). I'm currently on a "break" but I want to compete again in the future.

  18. I was actually thinking of this earlier. I'm 18 weeks post show, gained about 20 pounds. My butt and legs are the last places to lean out. But strangely, my fat deposited in my boobs and butt. Not so much my legs. I went from a small B cup to a full C and I ain't mad about it 😂

  19. I have been competing since 2021 and next year will be my 3rd season and I do plan to take a break since I plan on having a baby after my szn next year. Currently 28 I’m sure after my baby I will keep competing once I get the okay from the doctor and find a good routine Im sure I will step on stage again. I don’t plan to stop till like maybe at the age of 33.

  20. I am 43 and and came out of "retirement" to compete at a NCP regional show Masters 40+, I won my classes and came in the best condition and shape ever and I am natural.

  21. I so needed to read this! Thank you for sharing. I'm just coming to terms with "retiring." It's been a tough pill to swallow but maybe I'll get back at it one day

  22. Can someone explain where the term cuties comes from? I had never heard that before this incident.

  23. It's a popular brand of clementines. Kinda like saying you need a "kleenex"

  24. Does anyone have an idea of why this article was published now? Like, is this a precursor to a bigger story? I know investigations like this take years before the story is written, but many of these ladies competed years ago (some as far back as early 2000s if I remember correctly).

  25. Wasn’t there a post in here saying there is going to be a mainstream media article coming out against James? I can see it being linked together, like the corruption comes from the top and that’s why some coaches can get away with assaulting and abusing their competitors.

  26. I LOVE the MoveU Program. Downside is it costs 50 a month for the app but you can try it free for 7 days. It was recommended to me by my PT so I could coach myself through body mechanic issues I have. Otherwise I'd be in PT all year every year.

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