What’s the worst excuse for cheating?

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  1. Holy shit why. Probably doesn’t speak well of me that I kind of think that’s hilarious?

  2. It sucks because I feel like subtitles can sometimes screw up line delivery in the movie. I never watch comedies with subtitles on because it just ruins the joke to read it before the actor delivers the line.

  3. I always end up laughing a few seconds before my husband, who ignores the subtitles

  4. Lake Merritt in Oakland? I swear I saw this pic when the scooters first came to town.

  5. "She was sad because her and her boyfriend got in a fight so I was cheering her up." In my house. At a party that I was throwing. Eat shit, Nick.

  6. You're saying there's a small chance that these criminals were carrying a real gun? Quite the opposite in fact.

  7. My friend had a gun pulled on him in front of my house when he heard his truck alarm going off and went to go check on it to find some kids trying to steal his cat converter. He yelled, they pointed a gun at him and talked some shit, and he just had to throw up his hands and back away while they hopped in their car and took off. The whole thing took like 30 seconds, we had no idea what was happening until he came back to the party and was like yo I just had a gun pulled on me.

  8. So my best friend is a gay man, and he’s sort of convinced me that all the “macho” jobs are full of gay men. Construction, cowboys, mechanics etc…. It makes sense, if your attracted to muscular men your going to gravitate to those careers. 🤷‍♂️

  9. I throw in a little chickpea or string been to keep things interesting ;)

  10. Interactions like this deter me from wanting to eat at restaurants. I like self-checkout grocery too, since nobody asks what I'm going to make with all of that ten or twenty of each of three products that I buy, when actually I just eat the same thing every day.

  11. Even at self checkout people have to make comments. I got told by the cop that watches ours to "have fun with what was in my bag", when I was buying a fairly large cucumber and like one other random item.

  12. And they're all driving straight up my ass on the freeway even though I'm in the far right lane and they could easily go around

  13. And she says it like the flower girl being over stimulated is weird... If the flower girl was a kid under five, chances are about 50% that they get overwhelmed and run to their mum.

  14. When I was a flower girl as a kid I spent the entire ceremony putting my leftover flower petals on the head of the girl in front of me and laughing and turning around trying to talk to people

  15. Not sure what people have against cottage cheese. It looks unappetizing sure but it doesn't taste bad, plus you really should eat it with other things. Cottage cheese + fruit can taste absolutely amazing, personally prefer cottage cheese + peaches.

  16. I get the one with chives in it, and put everything bagel seasoning on it. It kind of solves my bagel cravings when I'm trying to cut back on carbs.

  17. Absolutely, I watered everything around him while he took his sweet time moseying off haha

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