1. if you don’t care about the icons there are keyboards you can buy and program all keys to actions. corsair keyboards can do it well

  2. This is a good advice, I did it back then when I used to do streams

  3. Banana peel shavings baked at 360F for 3 hours gets you high asffffffff it’s better than kratom

  4. I have introduced 3-MeO-PCE to 4 friends that have never took any disso and were barely not experienced with drugs before. No one had a hard time and we all enjoyed it.

  5. Yes, its probably my second favorite disso, I like it so much and I tried a lot of dissos

  6. I love Pink Lemonade flavor, you should try it out

  7. I took 3hopcp twice and the second time was yesterday, both times I took around 35mg insufflated which is a really high dose but I wanted to trip really hard and at some point I couldn't move and didnt know where I was or who I was and I felt like I was flying in every direction

  8. Yeah, but some of my books I can’t find at all. I mean there are results but with fake scam links or I can choose to watch like 40 ads to end up nowhere from where I started

  9. If you can't find it in the most popular websites to get free pdfs then you probably won't find it in the darknet neither, it also happened to me that I needed a book and didnt want to pay for it but the book wasnt very common so I had no other choice than paying the book.

  10. I think is possible, I sleep from 00:00 to 07:00 and then take a 1 hour nap from 15:00 to 16:00

  11. NAC reduces the harm caused by some drugs, I don't know if it works with 3hopcp but I prefer taking it anyways just incase.

  12. I would say it would take the edge off, weaken it a little, or do nothing at all.

  13. Thank you for your comment, I guess I'll take both tomorrow and see what happens.

  14. Watch out bro my cousin took benzocaine and alcohol and now has permanent nerve damage and is in hospital almost dying (RIP BIG LEZ 💀💀)

  15. Tell me you cant get real drugs without telling me you cant get real drugs

  16. Some people go to the bathroom and sit on their phones for 10-15 minutes not realizing how long they were. I doubt it was probably only 1-2 minutes if a trainer who worked at the gym came up

  17. Sounds like the guy who thinks he resting one to two minutes but is on the same machine for like 15 minutes

  18. Spaniards have no filter and everyone is social as hell, it's really fun

  19. Yes, Im Lithuanian and I live in Spain and im very introvert I guess everything makes sense now lmao

  20. My concern with that one is still trying to find a site that isn't a scam.

  21. Well Im probably going to get banned if I tell you a site but it's really easy to find a legit one in Reddit

  22. My first time I smoked real weed I had an out of body experience. My point of veiw was literally about 3 feet behind and one foot above me. I watched myself have a conversation with my friend that I had no part in. It was fucking intense. But it has also never happened again without adding a psychedelic in the mix.

  23. Yes bro the first time you smoke weed the trip is really strong, the first time I smoked I felt like my POV was really weird aswell and I was laughing so much like I couldnt even breathe because I was laughing so much

  24. Ping has nothing to do with performace or having lag spikes

  25. 1 tab of acid is absolutely nothing compared to all the formaldehyde that is used to embalm. You're good, no worries

  26. And also disposable vapes, they are really popular and the batteries are really bad for the planet, and people throw lots of them every day!

  27. I've been doing opce every day for the past 9 months, in doses anywhere from 30-90mg and redosing multiple times. I have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. I've had blood work and a cystoscopy done in the past couple months ( unrelated to my usage ) and everything was completely perfect. I think the bladder issues have more to do with ketamine itself, maybe a couple of the other arylcyclohexylamines. But opce doesn't seem to have any negative side effects, for me at least. I've gone through at least 15-18g in the past 9 months. And right before I found opce I used ketamine for opioid withdrawal and went through over 2 ounces of it in 2 months. So as yes these drugs do have their dangers, I think they're a little too hyped up IMO. And I've been out of opce for the past almost 2 weeks now and didn't really have any withdrawal symptoms, other than I slept a lot for 2 days. So take my experience for what you will, I'm not a doctor nor a scientist and can't say for sure you won't have any negative effects.

  28. Very helpful comment, get my free award.

  29. Man I’m a 23 year old recovering heroin addict I’m a little over a year sober after 9 years of use. Everyone I knew is dead or in jail save one of my friends who is still an addict but somehow alive. It’s kinda weird honestly we are on opposite ends of the spectrum and yet we’re the only ones left alive

  30. Damn, you started using heroin when you were 13?

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