TIFU by deep cleaning a silicon toy

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  1. When I see something this cheap, my immediate reaction is, "What's wrong with the frame?"

  2. I've been telling people that either Hans has became the best player the world has ever seen, with unprecedented accuracy and progression, or he's cheating like he's already admitted and been proven to do many times since the beginning. I'm not sure why LSF is so keen on taking the least logical hill and acting like they know better than actual facts and numbers?

  3. Because this is circumstantial. Only way to know he was cheating is to catch him in the act. We can say we strongly suspect something is amiss, but there's nothing definite. We also don't know the methodology or the model parameters. We have graphs. If you ask me, you're absolutely reading the data incorrectly.

  4. I still daily a Fitbit Charge 2 with no issues. Maybe their old devices are just built different before Google bought them out. This is just so sad to hear all the time.

  5. The Google acquisition is relatively recent. This problem has been persisting for years.

  6. I sometimes think these posts are exaggerated or propaganda. Not to bash OP or call them a liar but I had the Charge 2 for about three years and upgraded to the Charge 4 on release date cause I wanted something new. I still haven’t had any issues with the Charge 4. I actually considered switching to AW Series 8 to try something new but again, the Charge 4 is running strong. I guess I’m extremely lucky 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Yes, the thousands upon thousands of reviews criticizing the performance and longevity across the internet is definitely a backwater, anti-Fitbit cabal, with the singular goal of taking down Fitbit.

  8. If you don't mind, do you use any sort of shaving cream or lotions? I feel like dry shaving there might be rough. All i have is the shave butter i use for my neck and idk how well that would apply.

  9. This is bad advice. Like, really bad advice. I don't know who is upvoting that comment, but you need to basically do the opposite of everything she recommended. Never use an electric trimmer right out of the shower. The hair, skin, etc., everything is moist, and you won't make clean cuts, the blade will catch on your skin, and you'll have to rinse off again. Did you ever wonder why your barber uses an electric trimmer before washing your hair and then scissors after? Yeah. She also uses conditioner to shave, like, if you take this advice seriously, you're in for a bad time. This might work for her, or for women, but this does not work for hairy men.

  10. If you see "microshift", run. Probably the worst drivetrain I've used. I'd suggest spending more for a better one.

  11. Never buy Fitbit. They are designed to die.

  12. Show these texts to your instructor. If your instructor won't being reasonable, escalate this to the head of the department.

  13. Nothing wrong with shaving your eyebrows

  14. I hate when people write like this. Makes it seems like it was a bigger story than it is. Fucking annoying, and fake.

  15. FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap MORE FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap MORE FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER FeelsGoodMan Clap MORE

  16. You paid 2k, you are quite stupid lmao

  17. Eh no he’s not. Not everyone is so cash strapped and if you got the money than go ahead. It doesn’t mean it’s not an unreasonable cost but it’s just that some of us got that dollar and are damn well free to use it as we see fit.

  18. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

  19. I like her in the role but you're right theres not much range in her acting abilities.

  20. This is how I feel about Sydney Sweeney.

  21. Northerlion and Moonmoon are both friends with vtubers.

  22. I don't have a dog in this race, but what does that have to do with anything? And I watch a real streamer:

  23. People really need to

  24. Your reasoning is faulty, "They do it! So it's fine!" I don't like that other companies do it, and I choose not to play those games. I don't play CS:GO anymore nor do I play Valorant or any game requiring I give up my phone number to play or as a means to get stuff (and I personally haven't used voice chat for a long time). I have thousands of hours logged between OW and OW2 Beta. The current trajectory of OW2 is not in line with my consumer principles, and I will likely not follow it.

  25. Not like they can make the Fitbit worse than it already is. I'm fully expecting the product to actually become better for a time, until Google decides its new toy is no longer fun.

  26. Santa Monica has always been a place for neo nazi skinheads. They even used it as a set location for American History X. Not sure why you think this is new.

  27. If you’re dying, why be so vague with your leaks?! 🤦‍♂️

  28. Because it's all bullshit. "A guy told a guy who told me, 'I know about stuff in the desert.'"

  29. I absolutely think it’s the character. The Cree have been well astablished as the a** holes of the galaxy, and with the exception of Mar-Vell, they all have lived up to that reputation, And Carol spent a good chunk of her adult life brainwashed into thinking she was one of them. Also, she’s had to wear this tough guy armor Because of all the emotional traumas she had to deal with as a child and as a woman fighter pilot. You can kind of see her begin to shed that armor when she was the truth about her origins and gets re-introduced to Maria.

  30. Are you a bot? You keep spamming the same message throughout the thread. You're trying to justify why the acting was lukewarm when it had nothing to do with her thinking she was Kree.

  31. It's an incredibly bad play where a good amount of the hands that he's bluffing with still beat her and she's calling and putting him specifically on a bluff. In the hand she's got Jack high which is beat by any pair as well as Ace high, King High, and Queen high. With that bet size he's saying he's either got T9 or 99 for a full house, TT for quads, AT for the best 3 of a kind or a straight/flush draw. Even against some of his bluffs she's still losing when she calls and in this specific hand she's still a 6% dog in the race and loses money over the long run. This isn't just a bad play, it's quite possibly one of the worst plays I've ever seen. Even when she called his bet she loses more than she wins when the last card is revealed.

  32. Mate, sometimes you just want to gamble regardless of odds. There's no such thing as a "bad play" if you come out ahead, even if it was a fish call. It's just poker.

  33. "Welcome back to my channel. Sreetips here. Today, we're going to try and precipitate out all the precious metals in my stockpot."

  34. conc. nitric acid added to what looks like copper

  35. True, but then why did they go for ultimate historical accuracy with every outfit, set and scene? Trying to make it look as real as possible goes directly against the “reimagining” line. As does talking about how Marilyn’s spirit gave them their blessing and was present for filming… basically it’s a jumbled, exploitative mess.

  36. Seriously lol but if they went the Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette "obviously not a period piece" route people would be mad about that, too.

  37. I haven't watched it nor heard about it until today. I just think it's funny people find fault with the production team trying to make sets, costumes, filmography, etc., look real. Like, yeah. That's generally what they do for these types of dramatic movies, regardless of content. It's why I made my jokey comment about cyborgs.


  39. That's basically their platform. Support unborn fetuses, fuck the kids!

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