1. Changed keyboars settings to mid-tall. It is working now!

  2. All my friends tried and hated it. They enjoyed goat/speed duel/ anime formats for a while, but I noticed it gets old pretty fast

  3. No energy card, but all cards face down are rainbow cards is an awesome idea as well

  4. It's a fake. YGO only started to get English translation in 2002.

  5. I guess I was only assuming it was from the 90s as the copyright at the bottom of the cards say “c 1996 KAZUKI TAKAHASHI”. This seems to be the case with all cards, from the early 2000 at least.

  6. The franchise started in 1996 with the manga

  7. Vrains anime ended in 2019 - Codetalkers, Trickstar, Salamangreat, Marincess, Gouki, Dinowrestler, Sunavalon, Tidangle, Altergeist, Ignister, Appliancer, Dragon Link

  8. That's is so thoroughly written I can't thank you enough. Do you recommend the Vrains Manga or Anime?

  9. Vrains anime has the best "close to real life" duels in all the franchise. Really crazy long combos

  10. Does this mean Brazil and South Africa too?

  11. Damn, u for sure were meant to be born

  12. I dont think Konami sees Machina as a deck to play on its own. Earth Machine rank 10s have been a well established strategy for years now and they get new support directly and indirectly almost every year.

  13. Came up with this a few months ago.

  14. I would close my eyes so hard and cover my face with my hands in front of that beak

  15. Do they even explain card effects and game mechanics in the dub? This is probably the main reason I despise Duel Monsters and GX dubs.

  16. Did you try making the external controller input 2?

  17. I did or the other way around, but it didnt work.

  18. I guess Machina (or any Machine Deck probably) can use this to easily trigger Qliphort Genius' search effect and having two additional monsters on the field for further summoning.

  19. Earth Machines love traps. We can extend games pretty easily. I can already think a lot of plays with this card 😍

  20. I fucking love this community, happy pride everyone!

  21. After watching all series in Japanese, the dub just became unwatchable. I hate how they love to change explanations on game mechanics and cards effects for silly lines like "I'll beat you" or something like that for no reason.

  22. Thank you very much for this!

  23. My recommendation for offline play against AI is using the pixeltris mod, load up computer decks, and handicap yourself by giving them extra cards in the first draw. Balances things out against modern decks and mechanics.

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