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  1. Yea but when I do dxm lastly it’s been a terrible time not like the dreamy mind fuck of a trip I had when I did tripple Cs for the first time another bad choice on my part ik, but it’s been 7 weeks since my last trip on delsym and I think it’s about time for another one

  2. maybe try a different brand? i cant imagine liking delsym, when i want to spend a lot of time high on dxm ill just redose. my go to is robotabs cus theyre cheap and strong

  3. ive done it many times and only every once in a while, well aware of the problems. im a bit depressed and kind of dont care anymore, however i do genuinely appreciate your comment bc i hate that some people on this sub romanticize it

  4. try dxm? 'notha otc hallucinogen, but dissociative/psychedelic instead of schizophrenka

  5. be careful with dxm too. you wont give yourself dementia, but its got its fair share of cons when you abuse it

  6. Isn’t this cycle mentally brutal?? I think it’s clear this is not a YOU problem, it’s a medication problem. But many times we interpret it as what’s wrong with us and attack ourselves to the point where you only think negatively of yourself. Given your age, I think you need an adult advocate. Whether that’s your parents/guardian, a school counselor, etc., but they need to have conversations with your school and clearly outline what is happening and the impact it’s had on you and also need to have conversations with your doctor. It’s important these advocates are true advocates, meaning they listen to you, really listen, and not dismiss details as not being important because they don’t walk in our shoes.

  7. thank you. i dont like speaking with school counselors about my issues, but i plan to talk to my doctor. hes a very reasonable guy and knows his shit when it comes to meds.

  8. I hear you on talking to school officials. I’m glad you’re comfortable working with your doctor on a plan. I’ve been there, school was my worst enemy and my relationship with it was never positive. Sometimes we gotta give ourselves credit for just getting through the day even when it feels like it would be easier if we didn’t get through it at all. There’s light at the end of the tunnel! sometimes that tunnel is long and dark, but making it to a place where you can see a little bit of that light gives people like us hope when many times all we see is dark! You’ve got this!

  9. lol i love that saying, im usually not the one receiving it. i know theres a light at the end of the tunnel. thank you man

  10. dopamine & serotonin release and reuptake inhibition.

  11. Yeah I generally range from 190 to 210 (my metabolism is stupid and I can't holy weight unless I eat excessively). Sweet, I kinda figured honestly, I don't think it's severe though.

  12. must be nice lol. im down to 220 rn and i got barely any visuals on a 450mg freebase trip, same visuals as like 300mg with just more double vision

  13. It's a bit of a pain tbh, but I do understand where you're coming from. Huhh that's weird, like I was watching like full blown fractals blow up in my face and feeling like I was being pulled through another dimension. Also my room felt like it was just this solitary object in space. I did initially think I had an enzyme issue, and then went through doubting, back to maybe I have an enzyme issue.

  14. no idea. probably 4-5 hours. i cant go an afternoon without food man 😮‍💨

  15. Yeah i have more intense visuals than everyone else, i get visuals from just about everything, i already have visuals 24/7 while sober.

  16. do your sober visuals change from looking like tripping on like shrooms to like delirious hallucinations too?

  17. Its like a little bit of all 3 hallucinogen classes. Cannabinoids give me the same hppd visuals and audio effects i get sober but just increased by a lot

  18. I made a 24 hour playlist of dark trap for gym dude fuck yeah

  19. i need sum hardstyle when im at the gym but nice

  20. I personally like songs that have an aggressive beat (like Audubon and Sarcophagus II) at the gym

  21. fair enough. you hear the kys kingdome come saga?

  22. as i was leaving my garage to go back to my room from the sesh i greened out after, i kept seeing this little like demon gacha character peeking her head around objects and she would do a like cartoony hide. i dont remember when i stopped seeing her but after that my mouth started to fill w saliva

  23. It should come with a nozzle, you only need some balloons

  24. You just need balloons that’s it . When ever you buy those small 615g Canisters with any brand it should come with the nozzle , if you buy in person make sure they hand it to you .

  25. It takes an educated guess on where the enemies real angle probably is.

  26. i like you. dxm is crazy dissociating sometimes

  27. You know you got a good pump in when your vision consists entirely of turquoise splotches.

  28. So hold it for a few seconds at most then it pretty much all gets absorbed within 2 seconds you could say there’s no need to hold breath or breath back into a ballon what people think is actually getting them more high is really just depravation of oxygen

  29. ok. i can tell you know a ton about the human body. what did you major in in college?

  30. What I said was basic knowledge just do some research on google, and I studied compsci

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