1. The hypocrisy is off the hook with these people. Also, supporting the freedom of Ukraine while suppressing freedom in Canada. Denying unvaxed Canadians the right to travel while welcoming unvaxed gimmegrants into the country.

  2. You’re conveniently missing a very key point to travel. It wasn’t the Canadian government that prevented it. The United States is the only country that shares a land border with csnada and they would not let unvaxxed people enter the United States. That was an American restriction. As for air travel there wasn’t a single country willing to accept unvaxxed travelers. Any unvaxxed passengers arriving in other countries were denied entry and their return trip was deemed the responsibility of the airline that brought them. So every airline screened passengers so they would not take the financial burden of meeting other countries protocols. Travel restrictions were due to not a single country willing to accept them. I know it’s incredibly difficult for some people to understand but leaving one country means entering another. If no country will let them in then it makes it difficult to leave. The government fucked up a lot and Trudeau is a moron but this bs about not being able to leave the country is just stupidity being parroted by people unwilling to think for themselves.

  3. Considering putin is too scared to leave Russia because 1) he worries he will be replaced and 2) he will face war crimes. He’s the only world leader that was meant to go to the G20 that didn’t go. This will have him pissing his pants. Poland doesn’t even need to have the rest of nato back them up. They could be in Moscow by the end of the week if they wanted. No need to worry about Russian nukes. They haven’t been maintained since the collapse of the Soviet Union. They don’t even have viable fuel in them!

  4. Hopefully you’re just trying to be funny and you are not just being clueless. Maybe read up on it and figure out why they go. If you have kids that went to school they may be able to explain it to you. If they are up to the challenge.

  5. Maybe the tip WAS the coke and the $5 was just to help you.

  6. This fining people would just have the exact opposite. It isn’t going to make someone more tolerant. It’s going to give people an actual reason for them to have their views.

  7. Ok so Canada can then become a manufacturing powerhouse and we will get forgiven that we then cause more pollution and global warming than any other nation? What absolute bs! China has 40x the population. Canada could cease to exist and never pollute or pump out a greenhouse gas and it won’t make a dent in world pollution and greenhouse gases. This bs of not holding china responsible is just pure lunacy. Hold them accountable! Sure the cheap crap you buy from China will cost more but at least it’s manufactured to the same environmental standards as here.

  8. You seem to have completely missed the point here and just proceeded to rage.

  9. Rage? Because I called out bs? Thin skinned for this world let alone Reddit. Your bs is claiming that chinas CO2 footprint is from manufacturing for the rest of the world. If that’s not trying to absolve China then state that china shouldn’t be able to use that excuse. So yes. Specifically you. Please reread your earlier post. Edit it or accept it being called bs. Said without rage!

  10. It’s odd because these lights have become blinding. 20 years ago cops would ticket for having lights that were blinding. Now they don’t give a crap.

  11. Always just called them articulated busses. Is there another name?

  12. Poor bolsonaro! He spent so much on bribes and ballot stuffing! To north hell be screaming “stolen election! I paid for a win!”

  13. How did you get something with such low resolution? It’s completely unreadable! You wasted your time posting that. How is it meant to piss people off if they can’t see where they fit on the chart? They will just assume they are at the tip where it says grounded in reality

  14. That’s just stupid. If we arm the children then they can rise up against us

  15. A couple of weeks ago the Jordan Harbinger podcast went into great detail about how this works. If you really want to know the details check out episode 737.

  16. Thanks I will! I’m just curious as to why there are so many. It seems the majority of women are involved in these scams.

  17. It's a billion dollar industry. They have the entire process down to a science. You register a domain, upload a crypto scam pre-made template, have a scam script to read from, and voila, you're a scammer. It's incredibly easy and fast to set up.

  18. So where’s the link to sign up to be a scammer? That’s what I’m trying to find out? Is it organized crime? Or is there a Facebook ad for signing up to be a scammer? I don’t see all these women designing professional looking fake crypto trading apps. I think there must be someone creating the sites and then recreating women to direct marks to the site and getting a % of what they deposit. So if an idiot mortgages their house they get a good payday.

  19. So how do these scams work? Out of boredom and the world was shut down due to the pandemic I tried out a dating site mainly for some human interaction chatting rather than finding a relationship. I found that almost every woman that responded would follow up the “what’s your job” question with how they make incredible sums from trading crypto. They then would not talk about anything else but push for me to “just try it out with $100-1000”. At first I was tempted until it seemed most women were pushing this. Kind of a warning since no one I know is doing this in real life yet everyone on line is. How does it work? They can’t all set up a website! Are they working on commission? Curious how this works. I tried checking out the websites but none of them came back as scams. How can you tell if a site is legitimate or not?

  20. POF? I have a hard time finding a single female account on there that isnt a pug butcher scam lol.

  21. I think it’s getting like that on all sites. And the sites don’t crack down on them because they need to make people think there are lots of members. If they had a button to push for reporting a scam then they would be deleting profiles faster than they get new ones.

  22. Voters in Vancouver booted the NDP mayor for many reasons but one being this catch and release policy for violent offenders. They are back on the street faster than the assault victims are out of hospital. Unfortunately it’s now cost the life of a police officer. He will HAVE to serve time. Hopefully this sets a precedent and all the other violent offenders are removed from our streets

  23. Which media site you get that from? Lol spoonfed so much false info it's hilarious. Keep eating the 💩 they feed you Eastside. Try thinking for yourself for once. Learn how to discern when you've been misled, bamboozled, or straight lied to. Cuz you sir or ma'am, are not paying much attention 🤦🏼‍♂️ you'll wake up eventually. Keep digging.

  24. You shouldn’t have dropped out of school. You can’t even recognize you are swallowing Russian propaganda. On your knees and gulping it down. Putin tyranny your master. Eventually you will see the truth and feel foolish. You are what the Russians call a “useful idiot” look up the term. Although in he free world you lose “useful” from that description.

  25. Both Horgan & Eby did not see housing as a problem. The city relies on landlords to provide housing & the gov. did sort all apart from passing bylaws or introduce taxes to pretend they are doing something good for the low income folks.

  26. The NDP did a lot for affordable housing. Tent cities everywhere. Maybe not luxury homes but a tent from a thrift store and a bucket to shit in and you’re set. No mortgage or property taxes.

  27. It’s going to be hard politically for catch and release of violent offenders if this guy goes to prison. I have no problem with going after a cop killer but regular people are treated as pin cushions when they are stabbed and the offender is back on the streets before their victim is out of hospital. Is it any wonder that people in Vancouver voted sim in and Kennedy out? Winds have changed and people aren’t putting up with the NDP program of catch and release and the dumping of the mentally ill on the streets. Victims will now come before the criminal.

  28. And this is how Poilievre became leader of the conservatives. Just ensure the only other candidate is eliminated. Putin puts them in gulags or out an 8 floor window. Here we just have the only threat disqualified.

  29. There should be NO tax on a used car. Tax was paid by the first owner. It’s just a tax grab. No wonder people fudge the amounts on the transfer papers. So now the government wants you to pay tax on what they think is the value. Such bs

  30. As in what? Vote Conservative and watch the same shit shoe occur? Vote Liberal and watch the same shit show occur?

  31. The NDP are creating the decay to capitalize on it. In the 90s they spent a decade closing down mental hospitals and blamed it on the socreds from a decade earlier. They created the misery of the dtes. Sure it was run down in 1990 when they came in but a decade later the homelessness had exploded. A house in kitsilano was $200k in 1990 and close to a million a decade later. The bcliberals were blamed for money laundering and out of control real estate. 6 years of the NDP and real estate continues to skyrocket. Tent cities are now a norm in this province because that’s what’s considered affordable housing. Under the libersls we had family doctors and now a million people in bc can’t access one. The NDP is allowing doctors to pay monthly retainers for patients to keep their family doctors. We are being pushed to accept American style 2 tier healthcare. Quality for those that pay and palliative and assisted death for the poor. People need to get over this fantasy that the NDP supports the working class. It’s bs and needs to be stopped. Now some hoodwinked idiot is going to blame the NDPs ability to do ANYTHING in the last 6 years in the liberals. If that’s the case then there was no point in ever electing them. Horgan promised to stop old growth logging but didn’t. In fact he had 1000 protesters arrested. Just like harcourt that promised to stop the logging of Clayoquot and then arrested a 1000 protesters. Voting NDP is just repeating the worst of bc history. Remember the bridge yo replace the aging tunnel in delta? Horgan cancelled that project after $95 million was spent on it. Promised to twin the tunnel even though that option had been looked at by the liberals and didn’t pass environmental scrutiny so they went with the bridge. Horgan paid for another environmental study that came back and said the same thing. The bridge was the better option. That bridge would be open by now. Instead the NDP still haven’t started the planning process for (get this) a bridge! How much money is it costing taxpayers for them yo sit around with their thumbs in their asses? They went in about canceling site C but once in power admitted it was the best option. But don’t worry NDP cronies like joy mcFail got plumb jobs at crown corporations. That seems to be the Best they achieved. Remember Bingogate when the NDP took charity money and put it in their own coffers? Brought down harcourt. Remember glen clark lying about knowing the guy he gave casino licenses too? The bribe if his deck? Lied about it until the photos emerged if the 2 in a row boat fishing. Where was all that crime money laundered? Through those very casinos yet the NDP spinner it as a liberal problem. Btw glen clark/NDP lies lead to the liberals being in for 16 years. How long will they be in after the NDP fucks up the province this time.

  32. There are restrictions to pet damage deposits in BC. You can't just ask for an arbitrarily large amount from a tenant, it's illegal.

  33. The deposit is allowed to be 1/2 month rent. Plus if other tenants complain about the dog it can be evicted. People won’t get the deposits back. A dog is going to cause at least $1000 in damages. Carpet cleaning $200 to replacing the carpet $2,500. Landlords will just put the cheapest carpet in units. This is just going to add to the overall increase in rents. Someone is going to say they and their dogs are perfect angels but there are owners that let their dogs shit piss and drool all over the carpets or wreck hardwood floors. 90% of all dog owners are oblivious to the damage their pet does. Forcing landlords to accept dogs will probably be met with a compromise to allow the 50% rent pet damage to be increased. It will end up being a lose situation for all renters. Increased rents and lower quality flooring and carpeting. As landlords are already able to pick and choose who rents they will just find some other reason not to rent to the dog owners

  34. They shouldn’t be touching it. Hand it to the police to fingerprint. It’s a death threat and while most people think these people are idiots they should be charged besides you don’t know when one of these idiots is going to carry it out.

  35. Yes. Housing is much more affordable when it’s only restricted to citizens of the country. It’s almost like that’s why they bring in restrictions.

  36. And yet it works in other countries. You’re being hoodwinked by those that want to continue riding the money waves. If bans don’t stop foreign money influence why not do it anyway? What harm would it do? The reason people in Vancouver have been pushing for this for 25 years and politicians refusing to do anything about it is they are making money. You have to look at the reasons behind the bs.

  37. I hate finding out reasons for NOT voting for someone this close to an election. Better to find out before than after. Not impressed with Kennedy Stewart to say the least. I’ll be spending the next few days looking at the candidates.

  38. They probably will. And then they will dillute the stock even more.

  39. I’m impressed you still have hope. My price on Aurora is $97.62. It’s currently at $1.58. That’s -98.38%. I don’t think any miracle could possibly get me out of that hole. Only pleasure I get from it now is seeing just how bad it gets. I’m glad you still hope legalization will save you. I don’t think it will save me!

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