1. Ahh the start of every porno these days. was it? What acts were covered?

  2. Atleast during summer breaks and on the weekends, leave the house on my skateboard, skate around town and come back home when the street lights came on.

  3. When I was 17. My gf and I were at a house party. I overheard a girl there say my gf was ugly. As the night progressed, I overheard the same girl tell folks how really scared she was of witchcraft, spells and the idea of all that stuff.

  4. Ig I'm going way back AK47 and Trainwreck. Currently. Always satisfied with my Gorilla Glue #4 harvests.

  5. Saw them on this 'tour' Sacramento CA at the Cattle Club. They opened for my friends local band for like 5 bux. We did not know who they were. Our fucking minds were blown immediately

  6. A few times. We both had our own shit to work on, which made our collective shit also problematic.

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