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  1. I think Ohtani. Only going after an elite player would generate this much hype.

  2. He should move in with Aroldis Chapman to see a shining example of good behavior

  3. Any idea what is in the boxes for it to be so heavy yet allow the guy underneath to be fine?

  4. I wasn't online last night, what the heck happened?

  5. Unfounded rumors of SF offering Judge $400 million and some thought if true, Judge would leave us

  6. Barry Bonds is now considering coming out of retirement

  7. How/why are these numbers being released unless they are purposely false? If the Yanks numbers are already out there, then SF knows how much they need to bid to win. And if it's Judge's people leaking the numbers, wouldn't they be under non-disclosure? Something doesn't seem right here, these numbers shouldn't be out there unless there's a purpose for leaking them.

  8. Let me scroll to see if anyone else has said “replacement pussy”

  9. How many people clicked op's profile to try to find another vid showing her arse

  10. Sry, I don't know who this is. Do love me some pussy tho

  11. Rubbing catnip on scratching posts also seems to help

  12. It took years before my cats became interested in catnip, as kittens it did nothing for them

  13. Many black kittens have steel blue eyes until they are 6-7 weeks old. Then their eyes start adopting the parental cat color.

  14. If you have to add laughter to your video, like they did in the 1960s, to try to make it funny.. you should probably just leave it as is because nobody is going to appreciate your 1960s around affects

  15. That laughter was genuine, not added. The stupid music was added but I had to leave it so the original laughter could be heard

  16. Birb, also spelled as berb, is a deliberate misspelling of bird used in internet slang

  17. Nobody wants Donaldson or Hicks

  18. We wind up signing all these bad players to ridiculous contracts, Cash is a big part of the problem

  19. Watch Cash sign Bellinger to a mega contract and be Joey Gallo 2.0

  20. Gee maybe I should have tagged it as such

  21. Love the video and glad to see it as I'd never, but I can't help but think this doesn't belong in this sub being that it is sature

  22. The sub actually has a tag called "satire" and I used it

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