CM Punk attempts the Buckshot Lariat on Hangman, twice - Double or Nothing '22

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  1. “Companies should have the freedom to do what they want.” You know specifically when they discriminate against minority groups. But also “ companies should be regulated by congress when we don’t like what they are doing” you know, specifically when it’s going to negatively effect us financially!

  2. And that kids is what happens when a “karate” fight fights and mma fighter. We learned this in 1993. Worse when it’s a fake karate fighter like this scrub

  3. Im gun need sooo much popcorn between now and 2024....

  4. I loved the Nuance of this relationship, her is why.

  5. How is this not an Onion story? that doe was excited, and non-aggressive.... da fuck?

  6. I whole Hardedly disagree with this. People keep saying that the titles need to be separated. Why? It hasn't been more relevant in a generation! Because they are on one person. Do I want to see Romanfloating between Raw and Smackdown more, of course! But that title hasn't felt more important in years. Unify them, One belt. and Be DONE with it. Having two world champions in one company is a flawed concept that has led to neither one being "the title" Its been bad for 20 years now. It's time to end that flawed lackluster concept! ONE Championship for Raw and Smackdown.

  7. So anti-vaxer and she is still breastfeeding at 4? NO idea why the kid's immune system is bad... Antivaxers are the dumbest h3umanbeings I swear.

  8. This is what happens when you have old devs that don't have any new ideas still in charge. They maintain the status quo because they have an old-school way of looking at things. It's why the game has been as bad as it has been for 6+ years now. That Dev team needs new blood at the top, with fresh ideas nad actual energy.

  9. Gw's Philosophy: Make it so they have to by 2-3 times the boxes they need to kit 1 squad, that will make people by more boxes...

  10. Thanks for ruining special weapons for everyone. It's people like this who got us the curse of box compliance.

  11. Holy victim blame bat man... How much koolad did you drink?

  12. The best part would be if you made one of them true, or partially true. That way they are always paranoid about others.

  13. Imagine living in a country where it's illegal to feed people who are hungry... Imagine living in a tyrannical state that won't let you feed hungry people in need! That doesn't sound like a dystopian shithole...

  14. Mental illness... lol the parts that made me laugh, is when he associated yoga and greek mythology with witchcraft. lol Imagine when your religion makes you so angry and bitter at other people that you want to burn stuff and condemn other people, What a bitter POS.

  15. Oh you sweet, sweet summer child.... Welcome to the darkness of the far future.

  16. Im guna ignore the " this is how many followers I have on tictoc" part at the end cus. lol no one cares.

  17. I have said this before and all say it again. The boomer generation is the single most entitled generation in the history of this country.

  18. Oof, how cringy is it to say " you are a black man approaching a white woman" Like... does she hear that her racism is showing? lol good lord.

  19. Bro, just leave her there.. whats the worst that could happen? She never speaks to you again?

  20. I was a Punk fan for years, but Hangman carried him threw this match, and Mox carried him hard threw theirs. It's a shame that people he has insisted on shitting on were actually trying to defend him at times. I was so excited about him coming back and then it all just ended with such bad taste... Such a shame.

  21. My biggest complaint about not only seige but the HH, in general, is that they can't let the traitors look good. They don't feel scarry or like they are winning because even in fights they will they take 10 times the losses that the loyalists do. OR the Loyalists get moral victories. It undermines the traitors being a scary villain

  22. The only time I ever got banned, was for typing" the devs for this game suck, and I hope they get fired and replaced." In the chat. Only thing I had typed in well over a month. Turns out they have fragile egos I guess. But I appealed it, arguing that it doesn't break TOS. I was told that it qualified as harassment. I just laughed and played other games for awhile.

  23. So she said firm, so I'm guessing lawyers... you would think they would be smarter than to open the door for a harassment lawsuit... weird.

  24. I know this is an old video but all I can think is seeing a little dog yapping at someone... that girl has to weigh 90lbs soaking wet... Nothing screams tough like being yelled at by someone made of paper mache.

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