1. Good fade. Hit up a known trader like zipel or anomaly. Don’t get scammed.

  2. U really tryna scam this blatantly? 100s of “be careful don’t get scammed” then ur dumbass comment at the bottom LOOOL

  3. What do I sell on then? If I sell it on the steam market the funds just go to my steam wallet huh? There’s no way I can make it go to my bank account?

  4. Anomaly or zipel. Twitter or catch their live streams. Some of the most trusted ppl in the scene rn to sell to without using a site

  5. thanks everyone! weighing all the options, I think I will check out my local smoke shop but I would really love something that could double as a bong and also use for dabbing

  6. If ur in Columbus check out headies hideout. Most of their glass is high end but they’ll still have something

  7. Yeah not having fun for the first time because of this. Hopefully it changes soon.

  8. While the color scheme seems right, nothing else about this says blueberry to me. Source- invebtory/QC manager at Headie’s Hideout for 5years

  9. Lmao that’s an old school trick to make the bud smell good and feel fresh

  10. *sigh* I miss back in 2012-2015 when dabbing was just popularizing in the Toronto scene, and we'd all flock to Vapor Central with our pelican's like they were briefcases. Most people stuck with the 1200 (or the 1150 if you had a smaller rig) and if you were a baller, you had the 1400. Or if you were one of the cats selling oil and you were superballer, you'd get the rollie suitcase Pelly and bring multiple headies to the sesh.

  11. Moon rocks = bad bud hidden by bad oil hidden by kief (IMO)

  12. Edited my comment cuz it says on the bag lol. Shame the prices are back up. I was loving the $200/oz

  13. Sorry for my ignorance - how is this different than what they have out right now?

  14. This is live resin. That’s what the “cryogenically processed” part is. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the plant is chopped and immediately frozen and the entire extraction process is done cryogenically frozen. Extremely great flavor comes from it

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