1. My local hospital had an eye surgeon who it was only found at his retirement his qualifications were fake . 0 problems with his work liked and respected by everyone. Think authorties they just let it slide.

  2. I always thought he was more of a father figure for asuka just because of the way they act around each other

  3. Well the movie is kind of mess (literally, watch the 3.0+1.0 documentary and you will realize how the production of the movie was a clusterfuck) that doesn't know how to explain itself properly so after seeing common interpretations like this (how it must be romantic just because she is comfortable being naked in his house) they (khara) had to come out and explain it through the VAs and they even made a prequel manga that takes place shortly before 3.0. But basically the reason is this (copying from someone else's comment):

  4. That wasn't explained in the movie you got Asuka wandering around half dressed and Kensuke not caring. I assumed they were banging in some unhealthy coping mechanism that was too messed up even for the movie. Aged up Asuka being sent back kinda proved it to my mind .

  5. I'll never be good enough. So end up leaving it till the last moment.

  6. do you ever think about how... like... every video of a fire you see online was... filmed by someone who... like... stopped to film it?

  7. You see them on the safety film about not what to do in a fire though.

  8. No, but I'd say that even in a conventional war. War isn't worth it and causes destruction to both sides.

  9. Dead soldiers aren't as emotive as dead civilians. 9/11 USA went mad. All the dead from the following wars sad. If invading Iraq had caused a nuke strike on America President would probably be lynched.

  10. No he didn't he shot a British citizen who was being a bit of a dick. Wether it was an accident or deliberate hasn't been proved. Annoying soldiers at a checkpoint isn't a crime.

  11. The TOR-M2DT has an angle of 29, whereas the TOR-M2DT-2 has the angle of 31. A simple perusal of "Jane's Fighting Arctic SAMs" would have told you that, sheesh.

  12. "SPOTTER!" Oh god flashback to AFV recognition classes with very angry Sgt getting upset we couldn't remember obscure details of Soviet kit

  13. You can end up being one of those knowledgeable but laughing it off people who goes "haha they put a M7Z4-B mount on M-9AK and they're doing CQB, haha thus game is so funny to me, these guys would get killed irl"

  14. As my daughter says the worse bit of a film is when they get a minor detail wrong.

  15. Steep turn to the left followed by an aerodynamic stall?

  16. Not sure if the plane is capable, definitely doesn’t look like a Q-400.

  17. What. The term cracker lost any relation to whips long ago. It’s just racist now nothing more.

  18. It is part of the evangelion world like it or not. Rei being naked shows she no idea how to be people. Misato using her body as she is pretty messed up. Asuka no real excuse story wise.

  19. Asuka’s hypersexuality is the most obvious at all, do you not remember the scene between her and Kaji?

  20. But she said she’s not going to hire someone who only works for money!!! 😳

  21. What else does she have to offer than money ? Norland nanny british posh nannies. Would want 10x that just to start

  22. Keir Starmer could do a lot of good if he sticks to his promise to repeal the protections against British troops. But I honestly don't trust the man to stick to anything he's said.

  23. Not a vote winner. Blame Phil Shiner for getting found out for making shit up. Should have gone for South African style truth and reconciliation air or the dirty washing in one and draw a line.

  24. That is so cool. Things I never knew existed and now want. If I ever win a huge lotto jackpot a local school or college is getting one how much I have to bribe them.

  25. Classic, just following orders , i wonder what that can lead to.

  26. I mean he can't even reach their throats or run. They have him both outnumbered and out armed (gun beats a knife any day) so I'm sure the cops could have tried something else.

  27. Could easily rip a femoral artery though. Taser might have worked . Or baton him. Still big guy with a big knife I'd be inclined to shoot him too.

  28. Yeah. Good thing the US doesn't have people who are butt hurt that their ancestors lost an internal war. Oh... wait...

  29. To do what? I loved the visiting the South(apart from grits) ,but there some weird disconnect about history with some people.

  30. They are going to defeat the Union or those damn Yankees, I think. I'm pretty sure Yankees are bad. Something to show they are winners and not just sore losers that hang onto a grudge.

  31. Instrumentality happens as per Gendo's wishes. There is no happy ending.

  32. Shinji clearly has the opportunity to make a choice - that's what End of Evangelion is about. It's not a Hollywood happy ending, but it's not the only possible ending, and probably not the worst.

  33. Humanity turned to tang and Shinji left on the beach with Asuka. How could it possibly be worse? Sane pilots follow orders and Gendo gets his way. Sane Gendo might make better choices. Sane SEELE is the only way to save the world.

  34. Removing disabled people by curing them is very different from aborting and euthansia you dick womble. If someone invented a pill that could change your sex overnight. Would that be transphobic?

  35. Normandy defeating Nazis. Vietnam Mai lai. A stupid war fought stupidly.

  36. I've grown to simply block any and everybody who posts AI conversations.

  37. Ai art Ai fiction the first ones were fun soon got repetitive.

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