1. bro literally posted this on every sub reddit he could find 💀

  2. Back when games had difficulty achievements.

  3. Gen 2 are definitely the best Pokémon games

  4. and? doesn't give you any right to film a methed out dude in a store and upload it.

  5. being a pedo has consequences? 😱

  6. You're dumb if you think doing that would break that structure

  7. you have alot of trust in that construction company.

  8. hope his community follows. twitch can only improve from this.

  9. This is absolutely ridiculous and should NEVER be allowed to happen without the writers permission, especially if he's DEAD.

  10. These are the kind of people who help diseases evolve.

  11. Buff dobby isn't real, buff dobby can't hurt you.

  12. The real question is why is this wall even a thing? They know people would have done this eventually, right?

  13. Just like how all roads lead to rome, all scammers and gamblers go to kick.

  14. Hug that cat until the end of time.

  15. Holy shit these people should be arrested, the cringe levels are a danger to all.

  16. Don't feel attacked, they shoot missiles at everyone that is not military.

  17. Just like Russia, a pathetic country afraid of social media lmao

  18. I love farm cats, it's like their perfect environment

  19. Bf bc1 demo on ps3 liked it so bought bf bc2 on ps3

  20. There is not much I hate more than DUI fucks

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