1. dvli says:

    Elon's glow up was crazy.

  2. I gotta be honest, this movie looks pretty good.

  3. dvli says:

    Yeah, but it's a shame mario just sounds like Chris Pratt.

  4. Apple will win this, because their army is bigger. Twitter is comparatively small compared to them

  5. You're not seeing the bigger picture, they're not just at war with twitter. They're at war with Elon. That means his other companies are counted in. The way I could see it go is that starlink refuses services to Apple products or he crashes a empty tesla into Tim Cook's house as an "accident"

  6. Elon is pretty much the embodiment of Cyberpunk hell, so yeah. I am seriously watching this with popcorn and booze

  7. I tbh, I hope Elon wins because I got Tesla shares.

  8. No it doesn’t! The virtue is that she doesn’t what to support a guy anymore that she doesn’t like. So it’s much safer to go with one of the big brands. Why does it matter if in the past they were affiliated and founded by nazis? They’re all dead and the brand doesn’t represent that anymore. So again, why does it matter?

  9. If she tweeted all of that without mentioning Volkswagen then she wouldn't be getting dunked on. The point is that her mentioning a brand with a bad history to reemplace another brand you no longer want to associate with is tone deaf.

  10. Why is it tone deaf? The only connection that VW has to VW during WWII is the name. It’s basically a different brand with different people. So again, why does it matter? It is completely legitimate to not to associate with one brand and go with a different, more established brand. VW has changed Elon hasn’t. VW has redeemed themselves from their history by simultaneously acknowledging it and changing, Elon hasn’t. Not saying it’s the best brand and super brave to do so. But that’s a trade you are attributing to the tweet. At face value she just said that she didn’t like one brand, so she went to another that aligns more with her believes. Why does the nazi thing matter? It’s in the past and they changed…

  11. dvli says:

    Seems like we're going nowhere with this argument. Let's just agree to disagree.

  12. dvli says:

    Get the 2 million and invest in dividend stocks.

  13. Don't fuck with the people who handle your food.

  14. Elon sharing a photo of his bedside with guns, caffeine free diet coke cans, some weird Hindu weapon, framed photo of George Washington makes him look even more sociopathic lmao

  15. I mean, one is obviously a prop and the other one is a musket (lol) that seems to be purely for decoration.

  16. wasn’t my point whether the guns are real or not. doesn’t change the fact this makes him look like a freak and not in a “cool genius” kind of way

  17. I mean, a prop gun and a inpractical musket used for decoration doesn't seem like a big deal. It just looks a bit messy with the cans of coke.

  18. https://twitter.com/elizableu/status/1594137408186073089?t=Jkrz7QaxbuJagfpZh9vM1Q&s=19

  19. Why the fuck is this the first time I'm hearing about this? I mean sure - it's likely they're using innocuous hashtags to avoid detection by Twitter moderation... But jesus, if a third party investigator - one person - is able to find these, how come Twitter can't?

  20. If it's a issue that could have been resolved that easily and didn't take action it could be corruption within the management.

  21. He called someone a pedophile because they simple refuses his help. What normal person does that?

  22. They didn't just refuse his help, the diver told him to fuck off and Elon got pissed and called him a pedo. He's kinda petty.

  23. https://twitter.com/jimcramer/status/1593731870415818753

  24. There are many who won't be able to walk away. Either they have their VISA tied to their job, or they see the current tech firing mood. It's not a good time to switch jobs.

  25. Good, hope that way new employees can learn the system and keep the place running. Time will tell.

  26. The amount of people coming at him on Twitter is hilarious, like dude there is multiple videos of what happened.

  27. They fucked around and found out.

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