1. One thing is guaranteed, drivers hate paying for what they use. Imagine complaining about trains charging you for a ticket.

  2. Nah we just hate paying twice. All the toll roads were built in part with tax revenue, which is why it sucks that they're so ludicrously expensive to use.

  3. I suspect because he regrets having kids and is/was a terrible father, and his main motivation in life is making everyone as miserable as he is.

  4. That's honestly a massive stretch

  5. The guy openly advocates for beating your kids and cheerfully admits to having physically abused at least one other child in 12 Rules. The part about wanting everyone else to be miserable I think speaks for itself if you've been paying any critical attention to him.

  6. And the core tenet of social democracy is that the government should act as a mitigating factor against that. Which is why I'm a social democrat.

  7. Oh I completely agree, but after 20 years of LNP, social democracy is barely hanging on. They pushed it very hard into pure capitalism.

  8. Let‘s be honest here: Sam Harris has no idea about Trump‘s policies.

  9. I'd go further than that and say it's his arc across all three of Capaldi's seasons.

  10. I feel like it would do him good to take a year off and just read a bunch of books. You get the sense that he's an intellectual at heart but his well has run dry. He rattles off random things he's heard in conversations. He reacts to every ephemeral wisp of content he sees online. He is propelled by the fumes of his first ideas. His early lectures that won him so much praise were steeped in decades of reading and professional experience. I think he could be an interesting cultural commentator if he holed himself up and read a lot more. He might be healthier too.

  11. His early lectures were bollocks as well though. The guy thinks Nietzsche was a Christian apologist ffs.

  12. Truly remarkable how they can't recognize the hill they made.

  13. It's the same with trans people going to the bathroom - they opened up that front in the culture war and then started bleating about how the Left is obsessed with making every toilet gender neutral or whatever the fuck.

  14. It rules. One of the best brothers movies. It captures the strangeness and profundity of sibling relationships and how it changes as you age. It is also one of the last of Anderson's movies to feel like it takes place in and exists in the real world and not hermetically sealed off by his style. And The Kinks songs in the film rule.

  15. The trailer was on the loop tape for like six months at the video store I managed years ago and I never got sick of This Time Tomorrow. Still one of my favourite songs.

  16. I had read that he was just trying to avoid the inevitable backlash from transphobes. I don’t know what the current climate is in the UK on that subject, but the fuckers won’t shut the hell up in the US. And I can’t blame him for wanting to just avoid their BS

  17. Am i crazy for saying Angelina Jolie? She really has a lot of garbage, stiff performances, and spotty filmography to be so insanely famous. She definitely is great in some of her early stuff but I find her to mostly be pretty bland.

  18. I've heard it said that she's the most famous actor in the world who has never been in a good movie. As someone who doesn't even like Girl, Interrupted I'm kind of inclined to agree.

  19. Fair point, they're all good fun. But for someone of her status in the industry that's still two decent b movies and a supporting voiceover role in a children's movie.

  20. Nah. I wish he'd done a couple more seasons, but he was the Doctor from word go as far as I'm concerned.

  21. These people start from the entirely false, racist basis that every person they encounter with black or brown skin or an accent east of Berlin must be an illegal immigrant on benefits

  22. I keep seeing that word — bigotry — and I’ve issued challenges. I wonder if you’re the one to break the no-reply streak. I challenge you (as I’ve challenged others) to post one (yes, just one) instance of bigotry on JKR’s part. Here you said increasingly, so bonus points of you can demonstrate that increase. No reply means no bigotry

  23. Since I imagine we've seen many of the same statements from Rowling, are mutually aware of some of the groups and individuals she has expressed support for and you clearly don't construe those statements and associations to indicate personal bigotry, I'm not particularly inclined to indulge your pompous little ultimatum. Cheers.

  24. Here we have the same reply, different package. There are no statements to share, so none are shared, again. As I outlined above: no reply means no bigotry. Yours was a no-reply, so no bigotry

  25. I'm Australian by birth but mostly lived overseas until I was 16. Once made the mistake of asking a particularly dimwitted teacher if I could go to the bathroom, at which he flew off the handle and yelled, "IN THIS COUNTRY WE JUST SAY TOILET!"

  26. First thing that came to mind. Am I correct in thinking that the dynamic between Kirk and Spock was partially inspired by Aubrey and Maturin?

  27. Kirk and Spock on TV predated Aubrey and Maturin by three years, however it does seem extremely possible that their portrayal in WoK was influenced by it. I’m not sure if he’s ever said but I’d be surprised if Nicholas Meyer hadn’t read those books.

  28. The Long Goodbye. A 4k Steelbook and a VHS are equally muddy. Doesn’t matter, 5 star masterpiece

  29. Sean Evans is just genuinely good at his job, feels inevitable that he gets some sort of streaming talk show once they decide to retire Hot Ones

  30. I always found Evans so smug and obnoxious when he'd pop up on other people's YouTube shows but goddamn it he's a fantastic interviewer.

  31. oh yeah, he was stripped off his title lmao

  32. I don't think you can be stripped of a PhD unless its later shown that you've falsified data or cheated in some other way, and he's still a professor emeritus for UoT.

  33. Lol I was gonna say this. He gets so mad about people addressing him by his first name.

  34. Oh, he’s definitely had complaints against him from female clients, or students, I can’t recall which. 10/10 he’s at least sexually harassed someone before while after in a position of authority.

  35. He's pretty much bragged about having multiple sexual harassment complaints made against him when he still had an actual job in academia. One might be a misunderstanding but much more than that and I have to suspect where there's smoke there's fire.

  36. Thanks for that. It doesn't get better with context I see.

  37. The usual apologia for Peterson is "You've taken him out of context!" but as you say here, the context more often than not makes it worse.

  38. I don't think RTD intended any malice toward the drag community and I accept his rationale, but ultimately I don't agree with the decision. Not a deal breaker or anything but it was a bit of a fourth wall break in terms of it being iirc the first time the Doctor's clothes have regenerated along with their body.

  39. Please for the love of all that is decent and right do not put a steak like this in an air fryer. They have plenty of great uses! This is not one of them!

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