1. So you know better than every single GM in baseball that has passed on him?

  2. This would never happen with a Tenkara rod. Just sayin'....

  3. I've been really curious about that Lanshan tent, how has it held up for you?

  4. I'll add to what OP said - I'm budget UL all the way (use the 3F QiDian 30+10L pack, Lanshan 1 and 2, and a BRS 3000t stove for example) and for a budget tent, the Lanshans are fantastic. I use the 1 for solo trips and the 2 holds me and a hiking partner. In both versions, I have to keep my pack in the vestibule as I am a bit taller, but its not a big deal. They're decently durable, do pretty good in the appalachian wind, and do just fine in heavy rain (I did have to seam seal both my tents). I'm not sure how much they cost nowadays, but for me, I've gotten more than my money's worth for two tents I picked up for under $150 each.

  5. That's still a pretty good deal for a tent! As for the QiDian, I love it! Thru hiked with one, then made it a little less than a third of the way through another thru hike so I bought the updated version and still use it for longer treks! Honestly - the GG packs and ULA packs I have used/owned are way better and have better features (maybe lighter too? Can't remember) but I bought my first 3F pack for like $40 a couple years ago and bought its replacement for $65 last fall so I'm definitely not complaining lol.

  6. Some of y'all never smoked outta black ass bong with dirty water when you were kids and it shows.

  7. Just one match, relax man dont get too excited

  8. Coming to early conclusions, elevating expectations after a single match, and fostering irrational hope? Everton, that.

  9. Everyone that thought they had mold in their pad and cut it open actually found out it wasn’t mold after all. Did you cut open your pad to confirm?

  10. Can confirm. I've cut open multiple pads to examine mold only to find it isn't mold. I keep forgetting to take a video and put it on YouTube though...6 pads I've cut open and not a single view on YouTube. Ots embarrassing...

  11. Don't do it, man. Or, buy a blank AliExpress rod for $11. Spoiler alert- they're the same rods.

  12. Wisconsin folks won’t bat an eye at a guy booting in the outfield.

  13. Lol nice satire. I almost thought you were serious until I realized there's no way someone would actually be this much of an idiot.

  14. I dont know how people sit in Adirondack chairs... they're so damn uncomfortable

  15. In my opinion they're great for naps. Something about the angle just puts me to sleep every time.

  16. I knew it was WNC. I'm biased, but its hard to beat the natural beauty in this region (E. Tennessee is part of it too, the whole area is stunning).

  17. It’s a big confidence boost on race day when you break out the “good shoes”. Plus, super shoes are expensive, usually less comfortable, and not as durable as tempo trainers.

  18. …when the fans were harassing him, thought he did a terrific job keeping his composure. At 21, I would have done something dumb in that situation

  19. Aye, same here. Hell, I've done dumber shit over less in my youth. It's a shame it went down this way, but its his life and his career. He played hard too. But he's just a kid and he's been enduring far too much abuse.

  20. It’s one thing deciding not to join a club. It’s another to do your club interviews, tell the media you’re going to do everything to keep us up, tell the club you’re turning up to training and then ghost them

  21. Ya, that part of it ain't a great look. I agree. But at the same time, this shit is business. Just because its immoral doesn't mean its illegal. I won't hold it against him though. He has to look out for himself, like it or not.

  22. Doesn't matter. They all gillfuck the same. Gorgeous carp btw.

  23. Danjuma would play meaningful minutes for Everton. Whats he gonna do for Spurs? I guess if the money is there, I understand it, but if he's trying to raise his value, it seems like Everton is low risk/high reward for him. At the same time - its a shitshow here so its understandable a player would be leary.

  24. Unfortunately some of us lives in places that are pancake flat and there is nothing you can’t smash with a 130/140 forked hardtail

  25. Also - some of us are old and sent it too many times in our young age and feel the consequences now... I'm one road gap away from literally disintegrating.

  26. This fucker must be insane to want to come here...which means he's EXACTLY the kind of fucker we want to come here.

  27. I make about 120k total and still cannot afford the area. I'm from there. It isn't cheap. There are 0 jobs, especially in our field(I'm an Automation Eng) and there is 0 housing.

  28. With all the large regional breweries, Pratt & Whitney, Linamar, and incoming industry, I would think an automation engineer would find a job in Asheville in a flash. Housing is tough, no doubt, but my wife and I make less than you with our combined salaries and we live comfortably with kids. I agree its expensive and housing is difficult, but the job market is expanding, housing prices are stabilizing, and its still exponentially cheaper than just about every major coastal city. And it has a lot to offer, too.

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