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  1. Bro have you ever heard of a full stop? Running out of breath reading this

  2. What the fuck is wrong with that country

  3. PRS guitars are good I don’t see the need to copy other designs. I get the silver sky bc of the Mayer connection but this doesn’t really make any sense?

  4. Blatant survivorship bias. No slight on max at all but for most people this would be extremely detrimental because it is, in reality, parental abuse. It’s worked out for him, but Jos doesn’t deserve any credit, I think we can all accept Jos as a massive c*nt

  5. No, but if her brakes were so bad they felt they had to stop her from driving it than it’s probably for the best. Ultimately your mum would be putting herself in danger

  6. (in the porto dressing room) SCHOLES!

  7. That is easily the sickest thing idea I’ve seen for a Z. Bravo sir! 🤙🤙🤙

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t they have to go professional to compete in the premiership?

  9. Lods of emone what’s that spell? LOADS A MONEY

  10. Maybe he should fund the fucking ambulance service. Cockhead

  11. Yeah can confirm matchmaking is almost unplayable, at least here in Aus

  12. All the betting companies combined that operate within Australia pay little to no tax, despite the extortionate amount of money they make

  13. Chertanovo in 4th. They always pump out quality youngsters in my saves

  14. Agressive teamtalk, "dissapointing" individual talk to every single player

  15. It wasn’t bad but the promos kinda made it out to be something that it wasn’t.

  16. You must now play in a 4-1-9 formation I assume?

  17. Adora may not leave the bed until she has had her mandated kitty snuggle-time

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