1. Foresight is better than no sight. Make a habit of wearing safety glasses. Harbor freight sells Z78 rated safety glasses for a couple bucks, the tinted ones are the cheapest sunglasses that could save your sight.

  2. Wear earplugs when doing anything loud. Mowing, power tools, gun play, vacuuming, pressure washing, riding a motorcycle, attending concerts.

  3. Hearing damage is cumulative. You've probably already lost the ability to hear high pitches.

  4. When your pick point is below the center of gravity, you're gonna have a bad time.

  5. They’re the engineered lift points but you need to have your bucket pulled in as close as possible.

  6. Jacking points are technically for lifting. I'd be interested to see what was rigged to the hook, that has ability to create our destroy stability.

  7. They're considered safety equipment; to put out an illicit cigarette without setting the plane on fire.

  8. That’s the only way you can get rich. If it’s not be a star or famous. Get involve with the mob

  9. Be born rich and don't ask daddy too many questions.

  10. For this schedule it was 4 days off 10 on. Only problem is I’ve told them consistently to give me fridays off so I can go to therapy, to which they obviously haven’t listened. They throw me around the schedule and always give me the shifts no one else wants.

  11. Make it clear that your request is for a reasonable accommodation under the ADA to attend medical appointments.

  12. "I'm having vision problems." AKA I can't see my ass coming into work today.

  13. Half the discussions on Reddit are made from the shitter.

  14. That would be interesting since it's officially Swedish-Providence... and with this sponsorship being straight Providence I'm guessing the hospital name will ultimately become Providence and drop the Swedish.

  15. Will they drop the secular policies of Providence as well? That would be disastrous for many families.

  16. They’ll just get hired again over in the county next door

  17. A paid day off for this fine officer after an internal investigation finds no evidence of wrongdoing.

  18. Or a finding of wrongdoing covered up to never affect criminal cop's career.

  19. Everyone IS replaceable - the issue is that the boss doesn't realize that includes him or her as well

  20. Likely to be my birthday present to myself this year

  21. There's a correlation between intelligence and cursing.

  22. I don't push a stroller but ive literally climbed on hoods and kept my straight line method many times

  23. Too bad the dodgey compensator is too tall to practice sliding across the hood

  24. Exactly! It’s like narcs have this special radar to find the most abused people.

  25. Well, no. The "1-3%" figure is the number of people diagnosed with NPD. It is not the number of people who behave narcissistically, which is a damn lot.

  26. It only seems weird because we live in an era that's a historical outlier. For most of humanity, food was less available.

  27. It's time for society to stop objectifying women of all ages.

  28. You don't hear about the suicides because the government prohibits studying them as an epidemic.


  30. Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until you're ready to pull it.

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