This new entrepreneur has discovered a way to take plastic and turn it into gasoline. He calls this new product Plastoline

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  1. Heaven forbid people pay for using a service.

  2. If you’re already paying for it, what’s the problem? This only impacts the mooches who aren’t paying for it and using someone else’s.

  3. You're also dumb if you eat chicken that you know was undercooked but you think "eh, my immune system is pretty good."

  4. I had raw chicken in Thailand before. It was weird.

  5. To be fair they’re in the middle of the Midwest! There ain’t no water, let alone sea, so heaven forbid any cod would have to be shipped hundreds of miles from the coast! It’s probably too expensive, especially with prices like theirs.

  6. The American economic infrastructure is absolutely incredible. Places like Las Vegas, the middle of one of the hottest places on earth have their fish delivered before sunrise every day. No state has an exception to this.

  7. It’s amazing how our infrastructure is second to none when it comes to anything economic in nature, but absolute shit in any other respect. Symbolic of America as a whole tbh

  8. Yeah it’s ridiculous. Like, want an Abrams tank in Ukraine? Got it. It’ll be there next week. Want cheap life saving insulin from Canada? Well you see, it’s complicated.

  9. No flight plan, no fore notice, and no communication until it was spotted. They violated airspace and say it's an overreaction?

  10. The media is shit and spins things dishonestly. They aren’t upset or anything. They literally just said they thought it was an over reaction in passing, and this is the headline.

  11. This isn’t for small businesses. This is a different check mark that is brand specific. Ie, a check that’s orange and notates it’s an official corporate account. Small companies can still get the blue check like normal

  12. Is it? Reddit claims this but has no evidence for it. And all the speculation has been crazy wrong up until now.

  13. The optimal level of climate alarmism should be much higher than it is. Mainly because we are not on the right track. Once you know what energy means to our society, you really can take the blinders off when it comes to our current predicament. The entire developed world has been built on cheap and abundant fossil fuels and we have NO way out. Globally, We are not winding them down, we are growing fossil fuel use. Renewal energy can’t fix our electrical grid, which is only 18% of global energy use. We are stuck with fossil fuels and they have a really unfortunate side effect of pollution. We are destroying the climate and biosphere stability that makes our life on earth possible. A real eye opening book is “how the world really works” by vaclav smil. He’s the guy bill gates cites (not an endorsement). Happy to continue this convo

  14. I think it's important to keep in mind, most of the climate change stories you see hit the front page and make the news rounds... Are the outliers. They are inherently newsworthy because of their outlier argument that's shocking and emotional.

  15. The only good news article I’ve seen is that we are now able to narrow the bounds and better predict timelines of our future. The flip side is the watering down and green washing of the 3 IPCC reports due to gov and corp interference. Example: carbon capture and carbon credits which are both giant scams.

  16. I think we just have to become content with the fact that by the end of the century we are going to hit our peak. I don’t realistically see any way out of that. Energy = a high quality of life, and humans are going to understandably be selfish - even if that means mass extinction to continue because organisms don’t have the time to adapt to such a rapid warming. It’s just a tragedy of the commons issue that I don’t think has a realistic solution. IMO even though I have a solar company, and thus vested interest in renewables, I think the amount of money the government invests into that was shifted towards fusion or thorium research, we’d be much better off by the end of the century.

  17. Windows hardwires bing into a lot of things. In theory you can remove it with some under the hood tweaks, but 99% of users aren’t going to bother

  18. Watch them put undeniably better tech into bing than Google and still have no user retention

  19. I think people are at their breaking point with google. The SEO spam has made their results fucking useless. Bing has a shot here.

  20. Looking at the map, my first thought is that the perpetrator lives in the blank space in the middle as they will instinctually not want to misbehave close to their residence. However, this could just be because it is a commercial district.

  21. I remember reading about how an insanely high rate of serial criminals like this, can be geographically located by finding the center point of their crime map. They tend to go out in whatever directions at the same distance and rate. So once you have enough data it generally equals out, leaving the dead center as their home base.

  22. On the island of Crete, in the village of Vouves, stands an olive tree estimated to be 3,000 years old. Hearty and resilient, "the Olive Tree of Vouves" still bears fruit today.

  23. I imagine those olives are sold off for quite a lot of money. Sounds like the exclusive sort of thing very wealthy people would pay a lot for.

  24. No one makes this much shatter not knowing the answer to this.

  25. For every Musk story, especially in the last year.

  26. I’m not even an Elon fan but the way hit pieces hit the front page and get reposted over and over again Or how every time a Tesla crashes the title is “FSD Tesla causes crash” with absolutely no evidence is wild. Hard to trust anything nowadays

  27. I noticed something with Zuckerberg, and saw the same exact pattern with Elon.

  28. I'm not even remotely a Trump fan, but I noticed this is how the media treated him as well. It's obvious Elon was the Trump replacements, where the audience just wants to hear the craziest most negative things possible... Regardless of truth. The audience is just click happy on anything and everything super negative. And for the media, that's all the mattered.

  29. Missouri is home to Whiteman Airforce Base, which houses ICBM silos and advanced bombers.

  30. Do you think China doesn't have spy satellites?

  31. You can't pay yourself out of lack of institutional structure. They don't need more pay. They need a better institution that doesn't create such burdens to begin with...

  32. This thread feels like an intelligence test: will you engage with a /mensrights rant in earnest?

  33. If you have a pattern of simply writing opinions off, immediately, because of some sort of political or ideologic origin... You've failed the intelligence test.

  34. I found out that Afghanistan had a sub Reddit and underneath the search suggestions, this sub was also included. I read the description and though, there must some type of racism or controversial post in here? So I sorted by controversial all time and found this gem 🤣 might make this thing a norm and start replying to really old posts

  35. Lol yeah most accounts are dead 10 years later but you never know lol. Isn’t this sub now a porn subreddit?

  36. Looks like it 🤣 Did my reply trigger any memories of a decade old Reddit? Or were you thinking, this mf must be lost?

  37. Lol I have fond memories of old reddit before it became a hyper partisan activist shithole… but I was more wondering wtf you were doing here lol

  38. As a European I truly hope AOC ends up being president one day, she appears to be one of very few who actually cares about more than lining her pockets

  39. I hope you're fucking kidding... She is a complete dissapointment to the entire progressive movement. She immediately sank into the establishment.

  40. Okay first off, she's right, and second, is anyone else watching this shit and thinking, okay how old are these people? I mean this seems like some grade school tactics here. You were mean to me and my friends, so now were going to mean to you and your friends. Nothing is going to get done for the people in this country in the next two years. This is embarrassing.

  41. American politics has always been like this dude... Always. Our system is inherently adversarial.

  42. He just has so much of that short guy energy though. Where's it coming from?

  43. And how would you know this to be true? Do you listen out to perspectives of actual trans people, or did you just come up with this yourself?

  44. Yes I do listen to actual trans people themselves. Do you only listen to trans people in echo chambers who only agree with your perspective? Because there is a LOT of social pressure. Detrans people talk about it a lot. They are shamed and shunned, and often find it easier to quietly distance away, because being vocal about it brings on the attacks and subsiquent discomfort. It's easier to just avoid it all together

  45. If I was putting myself in an echo chamber then I wouldn’t be here, where people are so clearly opposed to my views on it. And whenever you say you “listen to trans people”, do you mean the incredibly small fraction that detransition, or the ones that are still trans today and happy about it, because you clearly show a big misunderstanding in how trans people view themselves. It’s not that they have “an identity issue”, they know who they are, and you have no right to claim that they don’t.

  46. I really really recommend you watch that documentary. It comes from state media and is not dishonest. The original documentary triggered a lot of controversy in Sweden, and this is the follow up. It's since caused Sweden to completely reases how they were going about things.

  47. It's an ethical crime. Reason why it isn't a legal crime is because there's loads of money to be made with it and money talks.

  48. Not at all dude... Short selling can be weaponized for bad... Like in the case of Tesla where you have an over inflated stock and pressure it downward to make a buck, but it's always short lived. Over the long term the short seller FUD has no real impact. They may be able to spook the market with bullshit, but the wisdom of the crowds will always eventually correct the stock back to where it should be (as we saw with Tesla).

  49. The bots left once the short sellers achieved their goal.

  50. I feel like this is something people latch onto feel superior towards others. I don't believe people don't actually lack internal monologue. I think it's just contrarians and people not actually understanding the question -- with the exception of outliers who have some medical reason.

  51. They absolutely know more than we do but I don't think it follows that because of that we should "trust them" at all. Incompetence, weakness, corruption, dozens of other malevolent factors could be in play impacting their judgement calls.

  52. I don't understand how could Google have been so slow to react. Everyone here was expecting Google to be the first mover; now it seems like they are stumbling to catch up to an underdog.

  53. Google is far beyond ChatGPT from what I understand. They were just slow to release because it's a massive corporation stuck behind a more hippy crowd who wanted to focus a lot of safeguards. They, for some reason, believed they could take their time to release and instead got hit unexpectedly with OpenAI releasing a working product before them.

  54. What are they "moving out of it's path?" Like clouds? WTF does that even mean?

  55. People will be pissed off that it's not sn actuall spy balloon but anyone with 2 braincells knows that there are enough military satellites up for China to see whatever they want, really this happens often, it's a normal thing in the civilian world

  56. Could be anything... It could literally just a be a coincidence of a private weather balloon and the people responsible are understandably laying low. It could be China trying to spread a pathogen.

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