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  1. your fingerprint has been added to my database thank you

  2. The game works if you change the Proton version to Proton Experimental manually (which is very easy to do) . By default it uses a version of proton that causes it to freeze on the loading screen. If valve were to re-review the game using the latest proton version it would probably be deck verified.

  3. I love how comfortable the Xbox controller is, but it just doesn't have everything there like gyro which can be great for steam input. I'd go for the Nintendo switch pro controller for any game that can work with regular buttons as triggers. The switch controller is really comfortable to me compared to the PS5 and Xbox. But th PS5 controller has the most features no doubt.

  4. does it still drop files all over the place that don't get uninstalled?

  5. Yea 196 mods are known for their creepy trans fetishes

  6. How long am I suppose to wait ? It's just stuck on starting loading bar

  7. U have to exit and open again until it stops freezing at starting

  8. I just found out that the lady who originally posted this said all she did was mix shock and water. Does that normally happen when you do that? Idk a thing about pools

  9. I just found out that the lady who originally posted this said all she did was mix shock and water.

  10. Ducky mo Ducky mo-mo, he's your very best friend

  11. This is a good ass tutorial but it's for c++. You'll have to do some converting but it's easy. Just use chars instead of strings and stuff

  12. idk how you'd do this without for loops... im curious what others will come up with

  13. Cant believe I knew the exact audio that was going to play

  14. I've never heard of this game until I saw that same article. Do I need to play the first one to play the second? I don't mind going through the first game if that's the case, I've been looking at a bit of gameplay and it seems interesting enough.

  15. I'd buy the first one the second is not nearly as fun...yet!

  16. My dumbass just reset my steam deck thinking it had cloud saves

  17. A lesbian who likes men is a bisexual woman. The more you know

  18. It’s fucking terrifying that it had to get to the point where she gutted it before it finally let go

  19. Yea its almost like that's what they were bred to do

  20. The both of them when Electronic Arts walks in:

  21. Meh, I updated to iOS 16. Keep your jailbreak Drama Queen

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