1. With the name of this Gorosei we can theorize the names of the other four.

  2. It usually is, and that's why it's so funny to see people spouting it all the time.

  3. Which ironically demonstrates the concept quite well.

  4. I think it’s important to point out that having an OnlyFans doesn’t make it hypocritical to not want to be stared at or objectified in the rest of your life. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening in the video but context matters. If I go to a strip club it might be acceptable for me to motorboat one of the strippers, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to stick my face in their tits if I see them at the grocery store the next day.

  5. I think it's super fair to say this, but not so realistic in practice. Take actors, for example. They get approached all the time, it is not part of their job to say hi to fans and they have the right to dislike it. However, it must suck to get into that job and then complain about being stopped on the street all the time, or to complain about the fans in public.

  6. Tou just need to calculate the mass of plankton, which is around 95% of ocean life.

  7. This post is served on a silver platter for

  8. Add a nice note to whatever you end up giving her!

  9. I lived in the east village in Manhattan at the time. The night before we went out for drinks and were pretty hungover the next morning when our downstairs neighbor called us - on our land line - and told us a plane hit the wtc. So we all went up to the roof to look. It was kind of funny, we thought some rookie pilot messed up. And then we saw the second plane rip into wtc 2. I, being so hungover said at least it’s a Sunday and my gf at the time reminded me it was Tuesday morning. My nut job downstairs neighbor muttered “terrorism”, everyone was on the roof sobbing. My landlord came up and showed a moment of compassion for the thousands trapped and killed in the collapsed wtc 1. After that, we were all hoping we’d have at least one tower left. Needless to say, after both collapsed, the whole afternoon smelled like burnt rats and plastic. Which went on for a few days. We went camping on fire island to get away, and still remember the lingering stench on the beach 40 miles away. When we got back, after the planes were back in the air, we went on the roof and the glow of the fire still burning, the smell of the chemicals in the air, it was like looking at a portal to hell. It took a while to calm down seeing planes in the air because obviously they were going to just divebomb and randomly crash into the city. After that, we spent a lot of time gathering money for socks for the volunteers working in the pit, it’s all they really wanted. Now of course, so many of those men are dead, or severely disabled. I could go on, but I won’t because after all this it still brings back memories that I thought had been long resolved.

  10. I can't remember the comment but someone here on Reddit pointed out that

  11. I've seen some cases where the proof they send is your password or something like that. Not the video.

  12. IT professional here, although not specifically in IT security. It's a common scam.

  13. Yeah, exactly. I hope OP sees this to confirm that this is the case. If so, what they must do is change their email addresses and be mindful of not using the same password on different sites.

  14. chess but new maps would be cool

  15. The new Chess of the Wild game looks really cool. The map is truly big, but you have to walk quite a bit for promoting.

  16. Reminds me of a discussion about the

  17. Call the police. Revenge porn is a felony, and most judges will destroy the defendant.

  18. Also, even if you pay any money, that doesn't guarantee that the material will be destroyed anyway. Just destroy them before they destroy you. By calling the police and doing the paperwork, you're also ensuring that any leaks to the material will be tracked back to the person in possession of it right now, preventing these people from sharing it with others.

  19. I just saw HOLY HELL in the chat. Hi guys!

  20. Oh yeah. There are a lot of acronyms like that in the military that totally aren’t accidental. Like the AT4 rocket launcher, for example. It fires an 84 mm rocket. Toooootally not an accident that 84 and AT4 sound the same.

  21. The effect is similar, but I don't think this is quite the same. Virtue signaling is saying that you're doing something good. This is pretending to humble yourself before dropping a red-flag opinion.

  22. These all are super good. Thanks so much!

  23. I would send a letter in writing and try to get some sort of response, at least a "received" signature. When they come and try to charge for your service, you can at least prove that you let them know and that they didn't respond. In short, try to find a way to prove that you contacted them and let them know about the problem before they come for you.

  24. I've been on dates like this. I remember thinking what would happen if i stop asking questions? It got dead silent.

  25. I came to the comments to ask if it was really that bad.

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