1. they are! They are like family i love them so much! Thank you!!

  2. I don't know about her, but her family definitely are keepers. 😂😂

  3. I don't know about you but I rather have her, than her parents dating for OP😅🤣

  4. No, I’m sick of all the goddamn remakes. I want something new.

  5. Maybe a game set in the events of humanity discovering reaper tech on mars and with the first contact war.

  6. i'm glad they were able to make this game. just beat the 2nd boss. having a really good time with the game even though i suck at staying on beat. lol.

  7. I think with the help of Microsoft they can try different ideas out with making games and launch it on gamepass to create a fanbase for it

  8. Some fans made a halo infinite ui with a working sound player with options to choose from

  9. You can call the second one Obligator II

  10. Would be nice if we get this in forge with custom games..

  11. What would be sick is if you could make weapons in forge

  12. You already can in some capacity. You can make combo weapons but yes If they could add the halo 5 weapons to the infinite sandbox it would be more cool

  13. I tried, got this message: orry, you do not have a prerequisite to fulfill the redemption code epic games

  14. You have to own the base game to claim the DLC, I assume that’s what it’s referring to.

  15. Jup correct, have it via xbox gamepass, thought so I could claim it seperate but I will wait for a sale then! Ty

  16. This is what's crazy to me. Halo hasn't got any better since halo 4 was released in 2012 (most people would agree it got worse)

  17. Because they make profits, microsoft sees money flowing in and doesn't care lookes like it

  18. No way halo is more profitable now than it was 2001-10.

  19. Never said it was more profitable

  20. How did you build that bridge tho?

  21. I don't think he did. It looks like he built around an existing bridge.

  22. Split screen campaign * multiplayer has been split screen since launch

  23. The only thing 343i did was split the halo community for a decade

  24. Are there any software engineers out there that can make sense of what could be happening with 343 and Microsoft? Like what’s the best course of action at this point and is that what they’re doing?

  25. Honestly they need to make slipspace open source, benefits you get for it is getting more outside help from dev's all around the world

  26. Great that someone likes it, I hate it because with the maps in the playlist everytime there is a new event it becomes a sweatfest with higly competitive players. If they made special maps for this mode it would be better imo

  27. Jacob isn't that bad, is he?

  28. There is a mapgenie for halo infinite, also on android

  29. Is halo 5 still active? Lol

  30. If these are communication stations for Constellation, we may be setting these up as we explore deeper into space. The more there are, the more attacks from rival faction may occur. I just hope we aren't getting constant distress calls.

  31. Yeah or skyrim fetch quests where there are unlimited sidequests to fetch items for npcs

  32. Why not both? These station could have someone operating them fulltime, like a lighthouse keeper, where we can refuel, restock basic supplies, and pickup random sidequests.

  33. We will have to see what purpose they have when we play it hopefully soon

  34. The learning curve is very hard, if you don't know how to heal yourself you are basically fucked

  35. It looks off because of the K & M have different angles which look ugly to look at. Also the sort of recht M standing I isn't flat on the left mid end of the letter if you know what I mean

  36. Another ghost recon cameo?

  37. Not gonna lie I want this system back with infinite so bad. I think I was warrant officer grade 3 at the time. Did not played much mp at that moment

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