1. it's never great to be cutting off entire fan leaves.. Definitely maybe trim them so more light flows thru not get rid of them they're an important part for geowth/ storing energy and nutrients

  2. You’re an idiot so keep jot cutting your fan leaves off. I just yielded 50 ounces on 4 girls my last run. And I cut fan leaves off on the daily. Fuck off with your advice that has zero evidence of being harmful

  3. Man that’s hard to believe. That would be an inside grow if they are already harvested? That’s amazing

  4. Check my page brother. I have a few pics/vids posted. I was more than shocked at my yield. Indoor grow in a 4x4 tent. Coco, canna nutes with some additives, spider farmer led lights. Preciate the props!

  5. ? I’m confused on what you’re saying here man. I’m sure you are speaking out of your ass though. If you put a seedling in too big of a pot, which is the same damn thing as too much dirt, it will slow the growth at the beginning. But you must be the expert. Fuck outta here

  6. It’s not a theory. Look at any growing journals / recommendation. You don’t just put a seed straight into the ground outside. You start it in smaller and move up. Do some reseArch. It’s all readily available. You are completely wrong in your statements.

  7. Plants aren’t getting proper drainage if I had to guess.

  8. They are amazing my friend. I don’t know why anyone would want to do jars honestly…..

  9. Because you can’t cure weed in plastic bags lmao How do you pressure seal a plastic bag? How do you trap the CO2 in that bag? You just can’t…

  10. Bags are engineered to maintain 58-62 percent humidity. Look them up before you come in here spitting your bullshit.

  11. First time using them iam 6 days into a cure iam very curious how they will work

  12. Grove bags is the brand. Sold on Amazon. Used by tons of dispensaries.

  13. I’m guessing here from spaxin…2x2 or 3x3? Very nice work either way. I’m rockin a 4wx4lx7h myself. I was just gifted some very nice feminized autos. 3x dosidos and 3x gg4. Will be my first run with autos. Think I’m gonna do 1 and 1 this round and try my luck with clones. Keep my extras for later if I can get it down.

  14. I used the paint buckets and out my plastic 5 gallon In them so they can drain. I also have holes in the buckets so I can put a little vacuum line inside and suck the water out. Plants get good drainage, and you don’t have to move them at all. I grow in coco so good runoff is key. And feeding multiple times a day, especially in mid-late flower, moving the pots is impossible. My page has a few videos you can see what I’m talking about. Works super well for me personally doing it that way. Happy growing! I use spider farmer leds also

  15. Great looking plant my friend. One little suggestion….. do the girl/ mainly yourself a favor and give her a bigger pot for the roots. She will EXPLODE with growth.

  16. You’re plant is starting to flower. It’s either an auto or your light safe already at 12/12

  17. I’d say she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing then my brew!

  18. Calyx get swolllen they look frosteeeeeee good job

  19. Get something to look at the trichomes. Amazon has small lenses for smartphone cameras or can get like a jewelers mag glass and look at trichomes

  20. Probably started her in too big of a pot. In my experience the roots tend to grow first in the early stage and they grow untim they “hit bottom” before plant really starts growing. That’s why starting in something small then working up is recommended. Helps the root and the plant grow evenly. But it looks healthy just give it some time it’ll take off

  21. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ sorry y’all, I thought it said first time “trimming” and that’s why I put the face. Happy growing.

  22. I thought you said “trimming” in your original post. I apologize. Your garden looks amazing. Please take your downvotes away. I truthfully thought you said trimming “trimming” and I was like wtf lol. Sorry again. Your plants look super good. Lush and green. Good luck.

  23. Spider farmer? Great lights. Have several.

  24. Is it as close as possible without burning? I’m able to get my leds like 6-10 inches dark. The canopy. The closer the better (without burning). Do the band trick. Also what are you growing in? What’s nutrients? Do you have good air flow in and out of the tent?

  25. Just leave her be. 1 week wont hurt and its late flower. Some strains do this to self preserve.

  26. Okay. I know this is how people get feminized seeds and that it could be the plants last effort at reproducing. Stomach dropped seeing it though can’t even lie. Put in a lot of work for these girls and it has all gone pretty flawlessly until this 🤣 but thanks!

  27. Looks great if u dont want it send it my way 😂

  28. Just looks like a mess. Not much air flow through the campy. I think you are cramming too much into a little space is all.

  29. Running lights at night is cheaper. And easier to control heat

  30. I'd avoid defoliating leaves because it needs the surface area for photosynthesis more than it needs light penetration or sugar reserves removed, it needs the leaves basically right now and I feel that removing them would impede its overall vigor.

  31. I agree. But the huge satellite/fan leaves are just blocking the future bud sites below. That will have more leaves. I’m with you totally, but I just think these plants are way more resilient that people think. But that’s just my experience. I defoliated all the time during veg and a big one at week 3 flower. I then just do some touch ups here and there but I also lollipop or whatever you call it which I can say 100% adds yield and quality. My page has a couple pictures of my most recent run. Still haven’t harvested yet . Happy growing my friend

  32. Sorry forgot to mention it’s an auto flower. All of my over Fems died after the germination transplant. Can’t seem to get that part right, this is the lone survivor

  33. Still too her haha. Unless you can’t with autos? I only grow fems. Before transplanting make sure to water the plant a few hours before. Also the great white. I sprinkle it into the hole I’m going to put the plant in on the new pot. Have never had issues

  34. I would remove some of the large fan/satellite leaves. You are still early enough thag it shouldn’t matter to the plant. Cannabis is “wind pollinated” so the better the sir flow through the canopy to the buds, the better results. Take a look at my page and you can see how I trim mine during flowering . Happy growing !

  35. Good luck!! That was me a year ago now I have 7 plants growing

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