$1,909,026,295,600 in student loan debt. If Biden were to cancel $10k, 32% would have their debt cancelled, but their balances are so low that 96% of the debt would remain. Leaving people $1,832,665,243,776 in debt doesn't solve the crisis. Biden must cancel ALL student debt.

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  1. I think people just say Mac Donalds as a joke, you probably heard that and thought that's how it's spelled.

  2. That's the worst looking weed I've seen in like, 20 years. I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.

  3. It looks like you could drive it into the back of the toyota above it

  4. it’s not tiny I’ll have you know it’s average according to google… and it’s not the size that matters it’s how you use it😤

  5. I have never been as high as I have off flower with this thing....its insane, all my friends that have tried it agree. You go through a lot of flower really quickly though.

  6. “Living in a garage” LMAOOOO 🤣🤣🤣 Bro that killed me. I just smoke with the door open when I’m on the porch. I don’t like being watched in my complex 😅

  7. Just looks like a cute kitty to me! :) Definitely not pure bred Persian.

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/persiancat/comments/uj0p4i/kiki_lookin_fresh_after_her_haircut_love_this/

  9. I'm not sure who's worse OP, your sister or the key bandit.

  10. I hate both kinds of people equally lol. TOTAL douche move by OP's sister, but be an adult key bandit, leave a note, if there are repeated offenses after 2 notes...key away lol.

  11. So you gonna pay me back for my education as well? GTFO of here.

  12. Exactly! The diamonds are going to fuck you up, but it's not as enjoyable, at least in my opinion.

  13. Makes sense thanks for the input, don’t the majority of people look to get completely fucked up off of dabbing tho?

  14. Really depends on the user. I like dabs because I just take a little bit and be good to go, not trying to get fucked up lol, a mans gotta work! Plus rosin just tastes wayyyyy better.

  15. Nope, but I can tell you those are freeze dried skittles. YUM. :)

  16. When I worked in restaurants back in the day we would always tell the newbies to go downstairs and get the "ice mix," they would come up after 15-20 empty handed and confused.

  17. Your cousin hit mom with the snickle fritz....wth Alex!

  18. Does anyone feel safer? Anyone? I couldn’t imagine sending a kid to school

  19. I have no idea what you're implying with that last sentence, but I've never heard of a cane Corso & from a glance that looks like an angry pitbull, I feel like it's not unreasonable to assume it is one

  20. It is unreasonable to assume that. Please don’t be ignorant.

  21. I don't understand how it's unreasonable? If I see a bug that's black & yellow and goes buzz I'm gonna say "uh oh that's a wasp, I don't wanna get stung" I wouldn't expect someone to come out and say "Um AcTUaLlY THaTS A SYrPhID FlY DOnt Be iGNoRanT!!" I'm not studying for an exam on dog breeds, I'm looking at a picture on the internet, I feel like it's kind of dumb to expect me to know the exact breed of a dog that I don't even know aside from a photo

  22. See, that says a lot about you. You are comparing seeing a dog to a wasp, you already assume a bully breed is going to hurt you. When you see someone of another race do you immediately fear for your safety? You are closed minded, it's evident.

  23. Yes, please! I’ll take all the knowledge I can get. I used potting soil and a little bit of compost

  24. What is your growing medium? Looks rather rough. I have some suggestions for good soil if you're interested.

  25. Lookin great for $50. Make sure theres no mold or anything on the inside.

  26. Yes, my Ki-Ki is an extreme flat face and because of it she has her fair share of issues. None of them are serious enough to warrant concern though, she doesn't know any different so I genuinely don't think it diminishes her quality of life. She sounds quite a bit like a pug dog.

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