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  1. Interzone has nice friendly people, and events. And not sure if you do or not but I found that getting a job helps connect me with people cuz we already have something in common lol

  2. I went to Oregon state for my first year of college. I moved from California to the dorms. Met some of the best people i know. I didn't really know what I wanted to study out of high-school so I took some psychology and physiology classes. Honestly, as I've seen other comments say it's not as worth it (financially) if you're not going for forestry or engineering. I, and a lot of other people, moved back to California after the first year because out of state tuition is just way too expensive for the quality of education there if not going for one of the forementioned majors. However, I hate the city and it was the best college town and place I've ever lived, best people I ever met. I dream of moving back there.

  3. So, you basically like Corvallis as a city but not Oregon State? And you think that out of state tuition whether that's for Oregon State or any universities isn't really worth it?

  4. I loved Oregon State but I wasn't in the right major. Personally I don't think their psychology program is the right major to make it financially worth it. And yes I'd say that it isnt really worth it about most out of state schools. But it depends on if it's worth it to you the climate, the type of people, the experiences you may have there vs another school. Mentally, emotionally, and physically I loved oregon state. Financially, I didn't. And that had to be my deciding factor because I couldn't afford it.

  5. Boston Terriers: too loud, too insane and hyper, not great listeners

  6. Dog trainer here, the only way you can really potty train a dog is to let it out all. the. time. Especially with a puppy. Everytime the puppy is done doing anything it needs to be taken out, it needs to get in the routine of going to the bathroom outside. When it wakes up from a nap - outside, after it eats - outside, after a play session - outside. And so on and so forth.

  7. Tbh maybe find a friend who has a single room and ask them if you can crash in there. If the college isn't gonna take you seriously then you shouldn't take their housing rules seriously.

  8. I feel the same way. I have been reaching out to my professors about this, some of them are cool and helpful, others aren't. Definetley talk to people at the school who will have more of an understanding of what you're going through rather than your parents who may not remember or know the pressure of college. My advice is to finish the semester, you've already done more than half the work - don't let it go to waste! Then decide if you want a break.

  9. I love it too. It's too bad that all of the support systems in place are so convoluted that it makes student lose their fucking minds.

  10. Ned Fulmer. Not only did he do an unforgivable thing but the bad thing was completely and utterly hypocritical.

  11. I understand this as I never had animals growing up and always wanted them. I filled the hole with volunteering at animal shelters, doing pet sitting jobs for friends, family, neighbors, and eventually signed up on Rover. And now I work at a doggy day care. I won't lie to you, none of it is the same as having your own dog but it definitely fills some of the void.

  12. If my clothes exit my house and enter the outside world they are not going anywhere near my bed lol

  13. This is psychotic and aggressive behavior. Get out sis.

  14. Getting a personal trainer. I was super unmotivated to go to the gym because I never really knew what I was doing there and never had a plan. Now I do, and when I workout and come home I crave healthy food so it gets me eating better to. Eating a giant fast food meal after working out will make you feel disgusting.

  15. Everything was a pro for me because I love the small town life and I love nature > city but my con was that I didn't go to OSU for engineering or agriculture and I felt most other major programs i tried were lacking

  16. I went to OSU for biology initially and then zoology, and I felt that both programs were more than adequate! I am going to be going back in the fall to attend veterinary school, so I guess I liked it enough to go there for another four years lol.

  17. Just sounds like a crazy dude. Even the ones that look normal can sometimes be batshit. Was walking my pitbull once and a regular looking man comes walking by so I take my dog and myself onto the grassy part of the sidewalk cuz sometimes people are fearful of dogs, pitbulls especially so I didn't want them to feel uncomfortable. Anyway i move to the side and he walks by, stops, and says "I'm not worried the dog is going to bite me, I'll bite it back harder" and I just said "she's not going to bite you" and he said "no I know I'm saying I want to bite her." It was at this point I decided it was time for us to walk away. People are Hella weird

  18. Or took them on walks! Or played with them! I don’t know. I feel bad for the dogs tbh but they definitely need attention.

  19. You could try mentioning to him that it would be healthier and better for his dogs to go on walks and tell him to look into getting a walker. See if there are any Rover (pet sitting/walking app) walkers in your area.

  20. Maybe find out the quiet hours in your city and find out if there is any way to report him. Talk to other neighbors see if they feel the same. The more people you get to complain to someone in charge the more effective. My neighbors have a dog that they just leave outside all the time and he is constantly barking. I've learned to drown it out but I don't have any babies.

  21. Gypsy: Gigi, Jeepers, Goomers, Gooma, Gyspy, Jenkins

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