1. What's up with the green LED - was that ever stock or is it a mod?

  2. I really love G4s. They look very clean! How did you connect it to the Internet? Also, what Mac OS version are you using?

  3. It's connected via Ethernet and that's Internet Explorer 5.1 on OS 9.2.2 - I'd normally use Classilla but wanted something more period correct.

  4. http://forums.macrumors.com/forums/powerpc-macs.145/

  5. You'll need to prep your phone for sideloading but yes Spotify still works on 8.1

  6. Use any laptop you wish and create a whitelist for google drive/docs only.

  7. I just got my own copy. It's the black body model. Still getting used to it, and waiting for the SmartCard media reader in the mail. Does your mode dial feel "mushy?" Is your battery compartment intact? Mine needs to be held with tape. Does the camera feel slow? 😅

  8. Yes, the mode dial is sloppy and easily moved. The battery compartment on mine is perfect but yes, the camera is slow - even allowing for it's vintage. Luckily, I've had a Smart Media reader for years, also got a PC with a multi-card reader built in. The camera's failings are it's plus points - point and shoot, fixed focus and no fuss.

  9. I haven't got much use out of it yet has been laid low by a virus - see comments above.

  10. You could use Virtual Box and install an old copy of Windows.

  11. On Panther your only option is Links2 which is a modern browser - otherwise you will have to shift to Tiger or Leopard.

  12. Ok that’s super cool! Most VGA resolution cams have a super “digital” look I don’t love (like old camcorders) but this one is pretty smoooth.

  13. I know what you mean. I think this was made to a better spec than most VGA budget cams of that era.

  14. Probably :) Comes in nice packaging too, part of the 40th anniversary in 2002.

  15. Sorry for being that ass, but unfortunately you cannot really browse the "modern" web on a OS 9 system... only special sites like Mac Repository or Wayback Machine... but I know it's fun, I sometimes do it on my TiBook 400 as well.

  16. It can be a modern site as long as it's not using above TLS 1.1 - even Facebook provides access for TLS 1.1 browsers.

  17. This is the browser config file enabling features that simply don't exist on PowerPC.

  18. That’s what exactly I did (plus there is no RS (Russian) releases of OS X before OS X Panther (excluding that fact there was Russian before OS X Leopard but in small quantities) but finding those “System Install” disc images are still impossible or even in more like lost media thing)

  19. I recently bought a Casio EX-P600 for £11 - all metal, large sensor and optical viewfinder.

  20. My first 'proper' digital camera (apart from the one I used at work) was a Casio QV - can't remember the exact model but I didn't have it very long, it was an ebay find and died within a few weeks!

  21. Mine was an eBay find too :( were there any signs before yours died? I really like the swiveling lens and I haven't been able to find another camera with a similiar feature.(if you have any suggestions for potential replacements I'd be super grateful)

  22. Sorry, I don't remember - was over 20 years ago. A great swivel design camera is the Nikon Coolpix 990 (or 995) - well worth looking out for.

  23. I joined a few years ago when it was still a graveyard after searching "vintage digital camera."

  24. By the time this Mac Mini was selling, Apple’s flagship was a 1000W quad core monster G5.

  25. I get your point but it wasn't until 2009, 4 years later, that a C2D Mini had the same CPU performance as a Quad G5. Of course, the first Mac Pro eclipsed the Quad....

  26. Great deal - I haven't seen one for along time and even then it was silly money.

  27. I have your same iBook, still plays 360p and 480p videos very smoothly while 720p plays a little choppy

  28. Use CorePlayer, MPlayer or FFPlay - my 12" Powerbook clocked down to 800Mhz does 720P with these - you have to use whichever works best for each particular video.

  29. But it’s not dvd resolution, I guess 1024x768 is pretty demanding. I’ll check bitrate later, because I just moved the quality slider to the highest position, not entered specific bitrate.

  30. After doing some quick tests you are probably at optimum performance there.

  31. No. Sorbet Leopard covers the same GPU hardware that Leopard covers.

  32. Wow - that's great - virtually no spacial depth - turn the photo round and it's an abstract painting!

  33. That first shot looks like a painting. Now if only I could remember the name of that artist it reminds me of...

  34. I can imagine, the FD97 is hard to find though, i own almost all FD models, but the FD97 isn't one of them, very overpriced on ebay :) I do enjoy my FD95 though

  35. Well the FD95 is a very close brother to it. I sold my 97 2 years ago for £30 - which was a giveaway even then - I've seen the crazy prices now....

  36. Leopard Webkit is the update for Safari 5 that's used in Sorbet - on the sites that it does work with it's fast and worth keeping on hand:

  37. I really like the way this looks, were those pictures edited?. Thank you.

  38. Yes, exposure and sharpness in Preview - they were unusable without.

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