Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Nauseating. He probably learned to fight because of his big mouth.

  2. I’ve seen one Andrew Tate clip and it was all I needed to see to tell exactly what kind of person he is. In the clip he played a chess match against Piers Morgan and the dude was complaining about how the Queen is the most powerful piece in the game because it’s a woman. If you can’t even play a game of chess without complaining about women, you’re a piece of shit

  3. Women are weak and worthless and all-powerful at the same time to these bozos.

  4. This is the collective that exposed these nazis and their full investigation report:

  5. Could be the Mendi, the Muse, or eMotiv headbands. The study looked at alpha brainwaves so you'd want to verify that the product in question can measure those.

  6. When I was younger the USA could actually be taken seriously.

  7. It's been a gradual erosion of rights since the W. Bush era.

  8. That field is amazing, and especially recently when you get papers like these,

  9. I am not going to be watching the video after reading some descriptions but i want to share the one his family shared of him skateboarding:

  10. Except Manning did it as a whistleblower [edit: in their mind at least] with seemingly (yet debatable) greater good ethical purposes. Trump did it out of negligence and purposefully lied about it, with nothing debatable except to those lost in his web of proven lies.

  11. There's a book called invisible women by Caroline Criado-Perez that goes into this, and a lot of decisions that end up disproportionately negatively affecting women are made because the people making the decisions are not women and they don't consider the impacts that said decisions are having on women. Because they are men and live from a male perspective, and don't really have any other outside input a lot of the time in making these decisions, because again, decision makers in our society tend to be disproportionately men, they end up not thinking about the potential negative impact on groups that are not them. It's hardly intentional from individual perspectives, but because the default way of existing is seen as male, and being female is seeing as, well, other, that's what happens.

  12. I am actively starting. A have a little bit of start up money. I’ve rented a stand at a few events, one of them being major. I have a bit of money saved and I will spend some of it on marketing, some on professional photos/logo and the rest on higher quality equipment. I will be running it from my home and if all goes well, next year around this time, I am opening a location. I’m really excited.

  13. That’s just a crazy amount of potentially sensitive topics for a rideshare driver to bring up with a fare.

  14. I’ve had a couple rideshare drivers try to push political conversations and it’s ALWAYS MAGA/Q-aligned people. I think they have the same complex as those aggro-ass preachers who go out and preach on street corners in bar districts. They get to feel like they’re spreading the sacred truth that only they know or understand. And if they get shut down, they get to feel like they’re martyrs “being attacked” for “just trying to help people see the hidden truth of what’s happening in this country.”

  15. "hey guys did you know if you eat more seafood the omega 3 will help you live longer?"

  16. Everything has microplastics in it, even the air you are breathing right now. Unfortunately, whether a thing contains microplastics is a moot point.

  17. I miss having recaps. It's tough to keep up with all the details day to day.

  18. Typically prop rounds don’t have bullets in the casing. It’s pretty easy, if you actually check the gun like you’re supposed to, especially considering the situation of the scene where he was about to shoot, it should obviously have been blanks, if he took 10 extra seconds to look, he wouldn’t have killed anyone. If you have a gun that is capable of firing live rounds, it doesn’t matter who gave it to you, it’s always your responsibility to check it before pointing it at ANYTHING let alone a human.

  19. Not in the film industry. There are people hired to manage and maintain props so that actors can focus on acting, which requires more mental energy than many people understand.

  20. The Santa Fe district attorney seems to disagree with you, and they're obviously better informed about this case than any of us here.

  21. DA's are not infallible, especially when it comes to high profile cases. See the Casey Anthony trial for an example.

  22. Is the brain not a physical part of the body?

  23. I used to work casino surveillance. Did it for over a decade.

  24. I take solace in knowing they had a good time in their final hours.

  25. https://video.vice.com/en_us/video/the-dangerous-rise-of-andrew-tate/63b846eccd1b8108af2ed424

  26. Shinn v Martinez Ramirez: The Supreme Court ruling that reversed the 2012 Martinez V Ryan ruling that protected the right to a fair trial in cases where ineffective assistance of counsel could be argued to have resulted in guilty verdicts that land innocent people on death row.

  27. It creates multiple and complex problems just in the family household. I’ll give you one example for your understanding:

  28. You're a good mom. I hope that one day he will appreciate how hard you worked to pull him back from the brink.

  29. Is there some other way? I'm definitely not the person who is gentle or consistent enough for that.

  30. There is not. You will need to modify how you communicate if you want to reach a radicalized person. There are more direct tactics in the article, though. Also, this is for people you really care about it - people who are worth the effort.

  31. Unlike the bully OP, I am not surprised, given that Harry is a philanthropist first and foremost, and his break from the royal family is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

  32. Why post this just to counter the title with some snarky "gotcha?" What's wrong with you?

  33. Lots of encouragement and praise for even simple tasks. Part of the issue is that we don't get the same internal feeling of satisfaction as neurotypical people do when we complete a task. Give her that feeling by telling her she's doing a good job, that you're proud of her for trying, especially considering her challenges.

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