1. 49% voter turnout is actually not bad compared to some nominally-functioning western democracies... AND that's a hell of a lot of protest votes. It seems Iranians genuinely want democracy.

  2. The 49% is the official turnout. There’s no transparency and the actual turnout is probably much lower.

  3. Where was the 42% stat from? Everything I've read says 48.8%.

  4. The bottom is a calligraphy for "zan, zendegi, azadi", "woman, life, freedom" in Farsi.

  5. No reputable source has confirmed this. This feels much like IR’s disinfo.

  6. Ukrainians and Iranians need to join forces against Russia and Iran’s government.

  7. Specifically, since shooting down of flight PS752, there has been an ongoing demand to impose Magnistky Sanctions against IRGC.

  8. Other than showing support, does this type of thing actually help? I don’t see the Iranian morality police seeing this and suddenly changing their stance.

  9. Showing support is important, IMO. But also, this is a way of telling the Canadian government what Canadian citizens think about their Iran policy. Specifically, since shooting down of flight

  10. Nice. Is there an organizing site that can give you details on a rally near you? A quick googling showed new stories on some rallies, but no main list.

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