1. I’m no expert & maybe it’s the lighting, but German roaches are a lighter shade of brown. The oriental is shinier and almost black, like the one in your pic.

  2. no, it’s german. orientals don’t have those two stripes. this one is a juvenile.

  3. Well, in some country the head shape can be an indicator, because the only dangerous species may have that head shape

  4. it’s still not best to use that, since a lot of snakes can flatten their heads to look triangular and someone who doesn’t know much about snakes may not be able to tell the difference

  5. You’re in Canada… if you burn a house down over a spider it’d better be because your an illegal spider importer that dropped a tank full of exotic species. It’s honestly pathetic this joke has lasted this long when these little bros have been saving us from actually dangerous diseases and parasites for millennia

  6. idk why this was downvoted, the “burn the house down” thing is really old

  7. so that it gets pushed to the bottom since it’s incorrect, it’s not personal

  8. not sure how that looked white to me at the time, i need more sleep 😅

  9. Mods need to make a rule against this. Obviously everyone who can actually provide an ID has an interest in bugs so they are, in effect, allowing posters to insult their biggest contributors.

  10. yeah like they’re asking for our help while insulting what we’re passionate about. if you’re going to ask an insect group for help to ID, maybe ask nicely and don’t say how gross it is and how much you hate bugs. it’s really not hard to just say “what is this”

  11. "You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk"

  12. at first i was afraid, i was petrified

  13. wood roach, not all roaches are infesting pests. only a few out of thousands of species are. it was just eating the detritus from the soil.

  14. Kadydid i don't know the specific species but I do know they can be loud as hell

  15. that’s what i thought, 3 musks? what size is the tank? the fish make it look a bit overstocked

  16. not right now, i mean when she’s out and about again

  17. I think when they’re fighting it’s a lot more aggressive/rapid, I don’t know a ton about raccoons but maybe interaction calls or mating behavior. I work with coatimundi which are cousins of raccoons, they are very social and very chatty with each other!

  18. my brother was traveling in mexico a couple years ago and a coati broke into his tent in the middle of the night sniffing around 😂

  19. I can’t believe I’m spending my Friday night reading deep into a thread about caterpillar euthanasia. RIP lil fuzzy guy.

  20. I asked the exact same question before seeing this comment thread so thanks for the detailed explanation, even though it wasn’t intended for me.

  21. pretty much. apparently when you freeze insects they go dormant and then eventually be gone. but blunt force is instant, just mentally difficult for us to do.

  22. I feel like robberflies would fit best in chaotic evil. They're adorable and fluffy, but they're also killing machines with a thirst for blood that feed off of the souls of less fortunate insects.

  23. i think they fit neutral evil, chaotic evil should be parasitoid wasps

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