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  1. That's a pretty huge stretch both thematically and gameplay wise.

  2. same and similar are two different meanings, my guy.

  3. If you have comprehensive, it should be covered. Comprehensive covers things like theft, vandalism, weather disasters, trees falling on it, meteors crashing into it…

  4. Changing a file extension =/= encryption.. Jesus christ. The file is exactly the same just with a different name.

  5. Are we reading different threads? They did not mention encrypting anything.

  6. Inb4 we have to start explaining to outsiders what a Florida cracker is.

  7. I was gonna say she fumbled, got rejected, but there's more to the story that makes this make sense. From Twitter:

  8. This is why I've learned to not say shit at the break of a story because its always context like this that completely changes the perception of a story.

  9. I had a friend invite me over to do a lab report and smoke a little. I thought it was gonna be me and our other friend since we’re always in a group together but that night it was just her and me but she had nothing set up to do the lab report. After about 20 minutes of smoking she said she was taking a shower and I should wait outside the bathroom to talk to her. She gets completely naked in front of me and kept the door open while taking a shower and the entire time I was wondering when we’d be doing the lab report because we only had a couple days to do it. I always feel like punching myself in the face when reliving this memory because after she stepped out the shower she started talking about how she got nipple piercings and how much it hurt sometimes showering, then let me touch them to “see” how tender they were.

  10. Nah, some people in here will say you fumbled and the younger me would have 100% agreed, but the older me seen some shit and now know better. Ive personally seen the consequences on a guy making the move, and the consequences involved the cops and jail time.

  11. This reminds me of that one "boycott Call of Duty" group on steam, and after the games release, like more than half the people in that group was playing the exact COD they were "boycotting".

  12. If you are on PC, I would recommend this:

  13. thank you for bringing this mod to my attention

  14. is that a fan AND blower??? Ive never seen that before. Anyway, it looks dope as fuck tho.

  15. Wasn’t there a whole episode of Mojo just trying to take a day off and they kept popping up just to beat up on him whenever they got a free minute? Lol

  16. bruh, they had this niggas brain just hanging out the broken case and everythang. They was ruthless

  17. Jacksonville got reeeeeally fucking lucky this time

  18. Yes, We are out of the hurricanes path and it passed us by.

  19. if you have a 1080p 165hz monitor, then I wouldnt recommend you get another monitor, unless you want to get a physically bigger size one, or want some tech in the monitor like G sync.

  20. do intel have a g sync/freesync equivalent???

  21. Female shepard has a much better voice acting. Just keep that in mind. I envy you, playing those games for the first time is just amazing.

  22. renegade femshep is my favorite, with vanguard class.

  23. Keep in mind when you're playing through the first one, it is really showing it's age in terms of gameplay. The story and design is still amazing, but the gameplay will get SO MUCH better in two and three.

  24. man, what I would give for 1 to have 3's combat and powers.

  25. The ascendance of a bookworm is one that I can think of.

  26. Ive seen a few xboxes in Florida, USA, but havent seen any playstations

  27. I barely play mine, veryyyy few games on ps5 aren’t on pc, which I use all the time.

  28. and the TWO PS games that I want to play just HAPPENS to be the ones that isnt on PC

  29. I haven't kept up, are graphics cards makers still having a shortage?

  30. nah man, they havent had a shortage in half a year now. Its actually the opposite, since GPU mining is now a thing of the past as of last month, the prices of GPU has been falling now because since no miners are buying the cards and the cards miners already have has flooded the used market.

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