1. I have both B12 and D deficiencies. I had injections regularly throughout college but now maintain with oral supplements. I also take prescription grade D because the amount I need doesn't come over the counter easily. I pair this with Magnesium. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis so that messes with my tiredness and mind a lot too but if I have my synthroid and vitamins all going I feel a heck of a lot better than when I don't. So long story short, if you are deficient you will feel better with the supplement.

  2. I'm really considering switching to a different service because of this reason. The high calorie high carb even in the "fit and healthy" category are still too much for me. I wish there were more lower carb options because I really enjoy the service and the food is good but I'm not used to eating 800+ calorie meals and worried how the scale is going to reflect soon...

  3. This one was standing next to an ibis but I cropped it out because I wanted everyone to know which bird I was talking about. 😂 Storks and Ibises are friends!

  4. Ok even more crazy because the ones at the zoo are also scarlet ibis. I feel the need to survey zoo aviaries now and find if this is a common thing. Definitely friends!

  5. I just had that last night. Really liked the mushroom sauce.

  6. Agreed it was so good I had to eat both servings 😅

  7. I definitely understand. If I didn't count on it for another meal the next day I would too. I had the herbed pork feta meatloaves tonight and I definitely wanted the second one!

  8. Portebello mushroom caps make a great low carb "crust" if you like mushrooms that is.

  9. As a type 1 diabetic I can say literally everything affects blood sugar. It's not just what you eat.

  10. Thank you and definitely! I could use a buddy through this. They said sometime in February to be scheduled. I have my fingers crossed!

  11. I wish there was a way to opt out of all the paper add ins completely.

  12. I just spent way too much time googling salukis. Gorgeous dogs!

  13. Unrelated to your post and in sorry, but how do you get screen shots of your line? My phone blacks it all out.

  14. That was the most gentle I've seen one of these. Sucked that it was such a stubborn hair for you but good job being nice to your skin. Always makes me wince when I see the vids and they just grab 4 layers of skin and rip it all out

  15. You're not gonna watch most of my other videos then 😹

  16. Tweezerman tweezers. Got them at Walgreens. But I bet they're sold elsewhere.

  17. Super easy to make, generous portions of fish and potatoes. Will definitely order again.

  18. It’s just a lot of numbers and planning. It’s frustrating when you first start but it’s so satisfying when you get the hang of it and start to see the pattern unfold.

  19. What is this witchcraft? It looks amazing! (You don't actually have to answer, I know how to use the Googles). Great job!

  20. If I doubt it's diet, I check. It takes one test strip and it's worth it to me to know.

  21. Was the person conscious? How does the body react to sugar that high?

  22. I was conscious and going about life as I though was normal in the upper 900s at diagnosis. I had all of the 4 T symptoms - Thinner, Tired, Thirsty, and Toilet.

  23. It's not overly uncommon in New diagnosis T1 to present with 1000+. Usually present in DKA with glucose off the charts

  24. I was walking around at home eating a freezie pop in the upper 900s when I was diagnosed. Just turned 16 years old. I remember my mom hanging up the phone with the doctor's office and frantically getting me in the car to go back to the hospital.

  25. I'm type 1 diabetic. People comment on my food choices all the time. Whether they think it's healthy or not and if it actually is or isn't doesn't matter. My usual response is "I can manage it" or just blatantly ask them not to comment about what I eat because it makes me uncomfortable. If someone offers me something I don't want or want but don't have the calorie budge for I simply thank them and say "maybe later". I'm lucky because at my work place shared treats get placed in a communal area so there's no pressure to take or worry about not taking something and offending anyone. Maybe something like this could be set up where you are?

  26. On Noom groups, you are expected to be on your best behavior. That includes profanity, of which “goddamn” is the ultimate example.

  27. The fact that people think they can choose which swear words are worse than others ultimately proves your point further.

  28. I have double diabetes. It's not my favorite thing about myself. 🤣

  29. People in this thread seem to suggesting you could get rid of your insulin resistance with lifestyle choices. And that nearly everyone with insulin resistance caused it themselves. Kinda weird.

  30. Yeah, real weird. Imagine having a superiority complex over chronic diseases. No thanks! I have better hobbies!

  31. Cheese is my only "free" food. I won't inject if I know I will raise but stay in my window. Usually 7g is what it takes for me to start raising.

  32. Those are great!! Your colors are very vibrant

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