How old are these kittens? They came crying with the mother cat

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  1. You might use the pomodoro method, studying for 25 minute blocks with 5 minute breaks

  2. I think they should be no more than 6 and that’s IF they put a decent amount of steak in it. Otherwise, that should be a $5 burrito.

  3. I have this happen to when I’m doing school work. I move cat from keyboard to lap or on top of textbook/ notebook. I have to use one hand to pet cat and the other to type or scroll. I do this for a few minutes and then they lose interest. If they don’t leave me alone I have to kick them out of the room. 😆

  4. Yes I’ll be helping them! I’ll take them all with me and I gave them food and water! They are playing now after they ate!

  5. Great picture! I hope bubbles and bubbles’s human had a great Christmas! 🥰

  6. I know i’m late, but we must always celebrate cats, so Happy Birthday to your orange boy! 🎉🥳

  7. Sending much love. Sorry for your loss. You gave her a great life. 🫶🏽

  8. I love him. 😍 The second picture…..😆 YES! the demands of the siamese are way strong! 🤣

  9. Simon is still bringing joy. 🧡 Rest easy little buddy. I have no doubts that he lived the best life. He will always be with you in spirit. Sending big hugs.

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