1. Love seeing your shoes dangling on your perfect toes

  2. Depends honestly but yes 🤪 I'd for sure make it a little obvious play

  3. That would be interesting. Not really sure if I’d get shy or playful!

  4. Mmmmm I'd get closer to see and lick my lips

  5. Would certainly be interesting to see how that would play out in real life

  6. In my ideal world me and my partner, foot lover, or what have you would be equals with neither of us in charge just enjoying the moment. However if I get let’s say 10 messages from a post, I’d say about 8 would be messages about me “making” someone do something to my feet.

  7. I'd rather just TAKE your feet, you wouldn't have to MAKE me... because I like feet, what's the point of forcing me to do something I enjoy? Doesn't really fit together does it?

  8. First I want my nose between your toes, then I start to kiss them, them move on to sucking them, and them finally fucking your toes, soles, and arches

  9. I actually had one not too long ago. In the line at the grocery store after work and I was wearing these terrible new heels that hurt. I was alternating between feet just taking my foot out for a second or two and the guy in line behind struck up a normal conversation then made a comment about how it must suck to wear heels and how uncomfortable they must be. I didn’t say much other than laugh and agree.

  10. Oh I’m definitely sure he was looking at ur feet….👏👏👏💁‍♀️

  11. Beautiful feet..I'd like to tie your hands behind here..then go to work giving you a Bastinado

  12. Looks like a standard Saturday afternoon around my place, lol. Kidding!

  13. 100% true story. Years and years ago I saw an ad on Craigslist where this guy put up an ad looking to exchange handyman work in exchange for feet. I answered the ad as it sounded like a potentially good deal depending on what all he had in mind foot wise. We swapped a few messages and he flaked out.

  14. I’m a realtor and wear heels. Not sure if that counts, lol

  15. A feather that I later discovered he had found right outside my house

  16. Lee on their back with their feet up. While the Ler fucks them, they can play with the feet and suck their toes too.

  17. Definitely not weird at all! I’m more surprised when I find a man who enjoys it as much as I do just because I just assume men are more visually aroused. It’s for sure a big turn on when a man enjoys it!

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