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  1. I think I'd actually rather a MGS4 remake. Just a bigger and more impressive game that would look amazing w ps5 graphics

  2. I would too but I'd be much happier with a new MGS game. Getting really sick of this new gen being so focused on remakes and remasters. Not what I was expecting I'd be playing after spending the money on a PS5

  3. Cyberpunk 2077. Absolutely dogshit on XBOX One.

  4. Was super hyped for it but then held off once I saw how bad the launch was. Finally gave it a play after buying it on sale 50% off. One of my top games of the last 5 years. Had zero issue with it on ps5. Looked great, played great, was into the story, experience zero bugs. Definitely redeemed themselves

  5. Just wrapped up my first play through on the PS5 and loved it. Super immersive and inventive plot. Glad I got it on sale and gave it a shot.

  6. Was super impressed with the amount of content, too. Was a massive AAA game that would've gotten killer reviews if they dropped the last gen versions and dropped the next gen version after it was in its current state

  7. I got a few nice ones from the calendar store at the mall and some from indigo.

  8. Usually leave it for a day or two to enjoy then roll it up until I decide to start a new puzzle. Then just take it apart and put back in the box to trade w my mom or sister for one of their puzzles

  9. If you kill 30 people, respectfully, fuck your injured soul and rot in hell.

  10. Corcovado TV has been waiting a long time for a hit

  11. Haven't seen BA yet so I'm going to have to go with Wonder Woman

  12. It's absolutely Insane that BvS theatrical went before BoP. BvS is certainly flawed but undeniably has several very entertaining scenes. Metropolis fight from Bruce's POV, the warehouse beat down, and then BvS fight pre-Martha were all infinitely better than the entirety of BoP. Would much rather rewatch it over BoP.

  13. BoP for sure. BvS theatrical still had some really bad ass fights, the warehouse scene and the BvS fight alone are infinitely better than the entirety of BoP.

  14. No, only online a few hours a day, about $30 or so. My main income is leaving reviews and being secret shoppers, the pay is so much more than ue

  15. Any advice to get started making money leaving reviews or being secret shopper?

  16. You got tip-baited by a shit customer. That's not on Uber, but altering a tip post delivery shouldn't even be a feature to begin with in my opinion.

  17. So if I tip someone $10 and then proceed to watch on the map as they multiapp and head in the opposite direction making other stops, even though the app says I'm next and they're 5 min away, then I shouldn't be able to lower the tip after getting cold food 40 min later?

  18. I had never been so hyped for a CBM before when the first trailers dropped. The connection to MoS and seeing Bruce watching the destruction from his POV then running into the smoke got my pecker hard. Went to see it opening night and have never been so disappointed. I knew it was going to be a let down when the theater started laughing at the opening scene of young Bruce being lifted out of the cave by a swarm of bats. The script and dialog in particular was painfully bad. The Batman warehouse fight is still incredibly bad ass tho.

  19. Damn, this post is just incredibly toxic. I'll give you an comparable situation of how you behave:

  20. Bitch, this post is over a year old. The fuck you go seeking it out for? You gave up after only 3 Julianas?? Not nearly enough time to give it a fair chance. You get better at out smarting her as it goes on and the powers and weapons you unlock help. The game was 100% designed for pvp. When playing offline you greatly shorten the lifespan of the game and it is all way too easy. You're cheapening the experience and you won't ever get the immense rewarding feeling that you only get once you become the ultimate loop badass and can take on any Julianna with ease. If all you like are single players games then there are certainly a lot better ones than this. This game is unique with pvp on and short and easy without it.

  21. This post is the first thing popping on the screen when googling for whether it's better to play online or offline. So you're bound to still get people in here, especially since it just got released on the Xbox Gamepass. And you already answered it for me: Offline, to avoid exactly the toxic people like you.

  22. What exactly about what I said is toxic?? I didn't even play as Julianna more than a couple times and hardly ever play multiplayer games. I'm primarily a single player gamer but my whole point was that with this game it is more rewarding and in the end more a lot more fun if you power through getting owned at first, unlock new gear and tactics and then you can fuck up any Juliana that comes at you, unlocking even better gear. No other single player games gives you that chance and that's what makes it a unique and enjoyable game. Without it, it is short, easy and pretty forgettable. With it, it made the game very memorable and I had a blast.

  23. It definitely won't be called Mand of Steel 2 I agree with you

  24. Omg so funny.. Definitely haven't heard that one yet!

  25. I was hoping so. You never know tho. Never underestimate the stupidity of your average reddit user.

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