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  1. Many thanks. Indi had been "talking" to me all day until I relented and took her for another walk so she'll survive.

  2. Check out RexSpecs. They're the civilian version of protective eyewear developed for military working dogs. I've found them to be well reviewed, but I was looking at their protective earwear for my hunting dog, so I can't comment on their eyewear personally.

  3. We use RexSpecs. They fit fine but the real benefit is the lenses are exchangeable because they will get scratched. A lot. Check some of my posts to see Lupe in her very stylish goggles.

  4. I put vinegar in a sprayer and on a hot day with no chance of rain for another few days I give them a squirt. You still have to do it a few times because there will be seeds all through your soil but at least it's not roundup and it doesn't seem to affect neighbouring plants.

  5. I used this just once and have not seen a gnat since:

  6. I have "pruned" multiple essentially back to ground level or a small stump and they reshoot. Depends if you like the underlying existing shape or you want to turn then into small bushes but they can take some punishment.

  7. Much love to you guys. I can't even imagine the grief.

  8. Toll prices should vary depending on time of day and traffic conditions. If it’s Sunday night, it’s free. If it’s Friday at 3pm, twice the price.

  9. Yes. I've been saying this for years. Give it dynamic pricing. Some maximum price for when it's busy but then a fluctuating lower price when it's barely being used (that changes in half hour blocks). I think they'd actually make more money and it would get used more.

  10. The flowers are very draining and it's not unusual for vft to die after flowering. A lot if vft owners pinch them off unless they want seeds.

  11. Thanks. Too late to cut out the flower stalks now?

  12. It's the "paw of more". You better not stop.

  13. Someone once described to me that dogs sniffing on walks is like reading a newspaper. They get all the gossip on who has been around. That said when you've been standing in the same place for 5 minutes it might be time to encourage them to change the page.

  14. Either. I've tried both. I've tried not cooking as long but then sometimes it's not as tender.

  15. I'd like to claim fashion but she has an autoimmune eye condition called pannus. UV light exacerbates it.

  16. A negligent discharge? That just sounds like aggressively nutting in cursive.

  17. Or the reason my brother exists.

  18. Solanum americanum. Poisonous if ingested.

  19. My only problem with these beds is they’re such a pain in the arse to keep clean. Difficult to wash and damn near impossible to remove shed fur!

  20. We just unzip the cover and throw it in the wash. The only tricky part is the fake fur gets caught in the zipper a little.

  21. That bed looks great! Do you have a link? Bought a similar one at Costco but it’s too small, not that that’s stopped her from trying to fit 😆

  22. I'm in Australia so I got mine here:

  23. I don't think it is. The fruit/calyx looks like a Roselle.

  24. Sow thistle. If you have chickens or other livestock they love them.

  25. Mine had a very mild case and I washed her with my epaderm ointment (that I use for dry skin on myself). Didn't wash it out and then gently patted her dry with a towel. No more dandruff and haven't had to repeat it.

  26. Have they done any kind of scraping of the skin to be able to view it under a microscope? If not, that would be an option, this vet may need to take or another would take if you seek a second opinion.

  27. Agreed. If I saw this on a child I'd treat them as having a a kerion. It's fungal.

  28. What drops are you using? We have the same issue.

  29. Cyclosporine. They are working but the vet said if things get worse we'd change to tacrolimus.

  30. thats a cool harness! i love the pattern, is it ok to ask where you bought it?

  31. Of course it's ok to ask. They're from stylish hound.

  32. Well done. Did you buy seeds or seedlings? Where did you get them?

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