Trudeau's changes will ban millions of hunting rifles and shotguns

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  1. NNN and prolink are compatible, this amount of play could be due to various factor. Unless you need to push hard to get it to touch, I don't see this as an issue. You said your weight is enough, that is ok to me, I would not worry about this. As you can see, when uncompressed the ski is round, when compressed it is flat. The boot is always flat. It can't make perfect contact with the ski both round and flat. So if once compressed everything fits well, that's good to go!

  2. Part of the reason they tell people to keep their seatbelts fastened while seated, it's not just for turbulence

  3. I would assume that with the roof torn off, there were some serious "turbulence" after that!

  4. O fewl like vr would shine in games were you sit still. Racing, fighter pilot, operating a tank or mech.

  5. IRacing, a very popular racing simulator supports VR. Many people use it, but when doing races that takes like an hour or more, many can't do it. Headaches, the added weight on the front of the head, etc...

  6. And let's not forget that in Silverstone before Copse, Hamilton had to slam on the brakes because Max took the whole track and left no space. Max poked the bear and the bear sent it to pass him in Copse. Lewis was at fault for this incident, but had Max raced properly the corners before, Hamilton would have been ahead before Copse probably and this would have never happened.

  7. A fucking bolt action Mauser is on that list??? What the hell?

  8. This has never really occurred to me the past several years of seeing this every thanksgiving, but I don't think you can check for doneness with a fork.

  9. You can totally do it. Pierce the thigh until halfway and look the color of the running juices coming out of the holes. If they are red/pink, keep on cooking. If they are clear, all ready! A thermometer is way easier, but this method works too! You just need to check often to not overcook it and have dry turkey for lunch.

  10. You know I thought about including this in the post but i wasn't sure if the juices method was safe with such a large slab of poultry.

  11. The middle of the thigh is the last thing to be done cooking properly, this is why this is the proper place to put a thermometer. So if the juices from there are totally clear, it is safe to eat!

  12. "Unsprung mass" (aucune idée si il y a un terme précis en francais, mais masse non supporté par la suspension). C'est une des choses qui lorsque augmenté affecte le plus la conduite d'une véhicule. Mettre un moteur dans une roue est vraiment une mauvaise idée a moins de trouver comment faire que une roue + un moteur ait un poids équivalent à une roue seule, et de faire que le poids reste centré en tout temps pour ne pas créer d'imbalance.

  13. je pense que tu surestimes le poids d'un moteur électrique mais bon l'application aurait pu être pratique potentiellement pour autres choses, Metro, vélo électriques, etc.

  14. Pas du tout. Un moteur électrique est plutôt lourd. Par exemple, le moteur d'une tesla est entre 100 et 190 livres selon le véhicule et plusieurs des modèles possède plus d'un moteur pour etre capable de propulser le véhicule. Par exemple, la Tesla modele 3, une des moins performantes, possède 2 moteurs qui font chacun 100 livres. Donc on parle de 200 livres de moteur. Si on diviserais ca en 4 pour en équipper chaque roue, on parle de quand meme 50 livres par roue supplémentaire. Pour donner une idée, sur une toyota corolla, les roues livré avec le véhicule font 21 livres et les pneus qui vont dessus sont entre 25 et 30 livres selon le modèle de pneu choisi. Donc 50 livres. On vient de doubler le poids de l'assemblage pneu+roue. Sur un RAM 1500, l'assemblage roue+pneu fait 70 livres et là on parlerait de 100 livres pour une petite voiture.

  15. The Trinity Pitch Drop was caught on camera in 2013.

  16. If it drops approximately every 10 years it means we "should" get another drop in the next months. I wonder if we can bet on when it will happen!

  17. Keeping up with your expert level wife will need more than good skis, you will need a good/great technique. Narrow skis could be a way to achieve that. They will be harder at first to balance yourself, but over time you will learn how to achieve proper balance on your own instead of relying on the extra width of the ski to help you stay flat in the track. Narrow skis are usually faster than wider skis (if we compare same ski quality and materials) but harder to ski because they don't forgive. If your plan is to keep up with someone better than you, you'll have to make that jump one day to force you to learn better technique.

  18. DHT causes hair loss, not testosterone. Now higher levels of testosterone MIGHT raise your DHT levels. But its not a direct correlation and not in every case. The testosterone has to convert to DHT, which requires specific situations.

  19. So if I am hairy as a bear and that closing to 40 still have all my hair on my head and that hairdressers keep telling me how my head is "dense" means I probably have high testosterone but low DHT?

  20. What it likely means is that the hair follicles on your head aren’t particularly susceptible to the effects of androgens (testosterone, DHT, etc.). There are many factors at play when it comes to these sorts of things and I oversimplified the topic to quickly explain it.

  21. Makes sense, as everything medical/biological there is probably 100+ things at play and not just those 2 things.

  22. Druid, the fact that I can't see my transmog unless I am resto (even balance with the glyph is wrong for me you don't have get the colors). I love the druid gameplay but can't stand to look like every other druid out there.

  23. I want to see him in Nascar! His agressive style of driving could make some nice races!

  24. I'd say the 2 interceptions and the 4 (or 5) sacks had something to do with it too!

  25. The "tire whisperer" can't save his tires for shit unless he drives super slow. Never understood this nickname for him, yes last year he went long compared to others in so many races but he was finishing 4th way behind his teammate and Bottas. He was going long to cover Mercedes pit stops, not because he could magically save tires. Anyone on the grid can save their tires driving that slow. Lewis and Max are true "tire whisperer" and today Charles did a hell of a job to save his.

  26. Bro wtf so Alonso gone now Lewis tooo, Vettel is going to celebrate his retirement with himself :(

  27. It is all planned! Alonso and Hamilton retired to go setup the surprise party!

  28. Hamilton paid back to Perez for slowing him down last year!

  29. Yeah that legion info bar used to push the old UI forcefully downwards so you could still see everything.

  30. It was like that before the new UI. Spent some time in Legion in the past mounts to unlock some class mounts and the top bar was not pushing the UI down, it was overlapping like it is now.

  31. Weird, I’ve being doing order hall stuff for rep for the last few months and it definitely pushed the UI down for me.

  32. Was always using default UI, only addons that I am using are bagnon, dbm, details. Maybe related to some other interface/game settings.

  33. Vaut mieux être prudent et prendre les mesures nécessaires que de gambler sur la sécurité et la vie de centaines de gens. Oui, c'était rien cette fois là et heureusement. Mais, c'eût été une arme et qu'aucune intervention n'avait été faite.... yish.

  34. Je suis pas d'accord. Si on commence a appeler la police a chaque fois que on voit quelqu'un de loin avec un objet long dans les bras, on va causer beaucoup plus de problème. Hier beaucoup de gens ont été stressé pour rien, certain vont possiblement avoir un syndrome post-traumatique. Enfermé dans un local avec 30 personnes a pisser dans une poubelle ca peut laisser des séquelles psychologiques. Faut arrêter d'avoir peur de tout. On parle de la peur exagérée qui avait une mauvaise image d'une seule personne qui a causé des impacts sur des centaines de personnes et probablement plusieurs vont avoir des impacts a long terme. Être prudent quand ya pas de conséquences ca va, mais dans ce cas là, clairement il n'y avait pas de cause à créer tout ca avec les informations que la personne avait.

  35. Size down. You can always find a way to get the seat higher or put a longer stem to make it less too small. But you can't shorten a bike that is too big.

  36. Just crazy! Navage ads instead of the commentary between sessions!

  37. I'm assuming (hope) he means a .223 not a .22 lr or wmr, the latter being totally illegal for use on big game.

  38. Some provinces also have it illegal to hunt big game with 223. For instance in Quebec, 243 is the minimum bullet diameter allowed to hunt big games.

  39. I've heard it to describe super cold snow with super sharp edges. Like imagine snow falling at the coldest temperature is can still be snowing, and with the air super dry, it get even colder after it stops snowing. So the snow crystals will be super sharp and will cause lot of friction on the ski and since it is super cold outside, it won't "melt" and pack when you go over, it will stay loose and feel like sandpaper for everyone on the tracks.

  40. Questing is super fast. Like getting from 59 to 60 takes approximately 9 quests, at lower levels it takes like 4-5 quests per level. Go to chromie, pick pandaria or draenor, those are the 2 with the best quest density and level away!

  41. Everyone wants to play Evoker. And most players want to play DPS. So a heavy influx of DPS entered dungeon queue. That wait time doesn't surprise me. Go healer and you'll probably pop much quicker.

  42. Graphic shows he queued heals and dps. Just a shortage of tank because there is probably a big surplus of healers due to evokers right now.

  43. I'd imagine if you queued as tank you'd instant pop and end up in a group with 4 evokers.

  44. Tried it as a tank. Instant pop. Healer and one of the three dps were evokers haha

  45. What happens if you change specs? Are all specs broken or only frost?

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