One Piece: Chapter 1061

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  1. I can't believe this is real. We actually see Vegapunk and she....FUCKING CUTE

  2. I came here to say the same thing. My god , did I cry. I cried so much

  3. Awesome! I should've pulled the trigger on boundman when I had the chance!

  4. I got VERY lucky and found someone selling her on MyFigureCollection for less than $250. She pops up sometimes on amiami but not too often and there’s a few on eBay

  5. Amazing photo. This figure is my grail, I really want it to be rereleased someday.

  6. My grail as well! Good luck in finding one at a decent price!

  7. I’m very happy Goku and Vegeta were sidelined for this one. Give my boy Gohan some time in the spotlight.

  8. Exactly! I was hoping they never had to come.

  9. Could Shanks have arguably the strongest observation Haki too? I mean the man's knew what was happening on Wano miles away.

  10. enel has his fruit. one candidate im sure for strongest obs haki is yassop

  11. We have seen no feats of yassop to confirm this though right?

  12. They are made on the day movies premiere. Thursday night at 9pm CST the threads are made for all movies with a wide release in cinemas that the sub has shown interest in. On Friday I post the streaming releases since those come out on Friday.

  13. Yooooo this is a good price for two figures?? Sasuga Megahouse

  14. Same. Big fingers crossed for Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

  15. Good god yes! I do wonder if they can do the wolf children poster pose or how they'd do that PUP

  16. I figured she was talking about how capable the girl would be for their expedition, not using her in that way, especially given vueko already went through that trauma as a child.

  17. How would being "supple" benefit towards an expedition?

  18. No… I’m pretty sure it’s implied that he raped her repeatedly, but at least once he burned her with that poker. [basically branding his slave.] it’s not terribly clear in the manga either, but it does play a role later.

  19. From my thread when JQ rolled out

  20. This! So many times I didn't know it was a JQ until I saw her up close, and the. It was too late lol

  21. Nice! Love the knight plush and the MiA figures ! Any plans to display them together?

  22. I've seen at least three other posts making this observation, so yeah, that's the reference.

  23. Ahah damn. Guess I wasn't the first to spot it. Ty for the info

  24. We have a WHOLE anime themed event coming so this isn't really a secret. Just a hint at a future thematic event. They usually include things in the BP that hint at a thematic event later in the season.

  25. We do? Had no idea! Excited to see what they bring.

  26. Ahhhh he looks so good!! And I absolutely love your shelf so much. Love the background and everything!

  27. Great taste! I need more fighting girls too

  28. Woah, man, what a miniature garden of dawn

  29. They have a Nanachi figure coming up? Hell yea

  30. Great collection and photo! I am curious though, these are all recent figures for the most part, do you still have stuff from the early days?

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