1. Part list below: Doodle fart cannon Ling long tires Doodle hood pins 500+ whp No further questions, you get what you get.

  2. Man, can't you see it has 05-06 type s wheels. Easily doubles in value. I'm adding 05-06 tax 😎

  3. I almost forgot to post my rant in the comments but a little before hurricane ian I almost hit a 10 foot ladder head on I've ran over cardboard boxes thatve forced me to pull over numerous times like why can't these fucking shit bags just keep shit out of the street or try to warn the car behind a little better I swear I keep a decent follow distance to or that ladder would've bricked my whole ass car πŸ˜‚

  4. 369 miles off a little more than 11 gallons (k20a2 FBO Kpro) Still don't know how I managed I want to try for 400 but I would have to not hit vtec or something lol

  5. Thanks man it's definitely a cool car, I was comparing it to my friends 93 yesterday, the bc extreme lows and whatever discontinued widebody kit it has is just gnarly af gotta find a 1.8 ecu and make 200% sure I get any salt out of the floor or I won't be having fun for long

  6. I just rushed over to pick this up right now I haven't done anything to it besides move tree limbs can anyone identify the body kit?

  7. My trunk lock actuator friggin melted though, so I had to crawl through the back force it open, got to the trunk actuator, and I had to cut it so I could manually unlock and lock my trunk. Just annoying as hell going to open your trunk and it's welded the actuator on lock πŸ˜‚

  8. Was it actually melted or did it just jam? It's a really common issue for either debris to fall into the mechanism or the old factory lubricant to go bad. The workaround is to punch the Acura badge on the back of the car until it pops open, then clean out and relubricate the mechanism.

  9. It seemed melted to me, I did take out the actuator and beat it/wiggle it and the thing was so friggin jammed I was convinced it was melted/fucked gonna order a new one at this point

  10. I get between 28/33 MPG. 100,350miles 2004 Base!

  11. I feel like I get worse mpg on the highway always trying to keep up with the Florida crackheads can't even do 85 without the semis trying to run you over I almost enjoy when they slow down a bit lol

  12. Man I bought my car with sticking calipers warped rotors engine light from o2 sensor (it already had headers/exhaust) but then it had another sensor failing forgot the name but it's under the intake manifold no brake pads friggin wheel bearings and ball joints cv axles everything in that area was clapped and I still somehow got good mpg driving it home I never should've drove it but it was at night and the paint was semi nice lol

  13. I would opt for TL Brembos+rotors/pads they're your best bang for buck on performance although my calipers needed immediate replacing so I just bought some "performance powder coated calipers" from Amazon and they're good for daily driving they look good just not the best performance

  14. At 280k I'd say it's over due for an oil change. /s I recommend checking it at least once a week, while it's completely flat super important

  15. I mean on a scale 1/10 how dry was it I've never had the light flashing πŸ˜‚

  16. Really depends I don't know how bad it is. I know they make cleaning products you pour right into your oil and you drain it out/clean the pan but that always seemed very excessive I've never done it if your worried I would just pour some extra good oil to flush out the nasty oil never hurt anything lol

  17. I’m half way at 150 and empty by 230

  18. That's ridiculous, my best in 2 years was 360 on a tank, but I almost always get 300+.

  19. My best are evenly matched to when I commuted from LA to north SD for a few months, around 350. To a few months back from gas shot up from 5.50 to I believe 6.50 it felt like it was over night( I want to say it was honestly.) I drove like a grandma nothing over 3k I got 350.

  20. Man I drive like a grandma naturally, never in VTEC (4500+) unless I've got wide open road/reason, even in VTEC I just can't bang gears, gotta politely granny shift that 2004 shit box like a princess.

  21. Yeah ain't no way I'm applying hydro slick tonight took me two hours of detailing just to prep it and I'm just gonna detail the inside and hydro slick tomorrow morning or sunset Edit: on top of this I forgot to complain my girlfriends friend keeps bringing me some junk ass 2.5L cvt altima to fix for next to nothing like damn get a honda already and I won't have to keep fixing it

  22. Badass I dig it, also I never see pin stripes on these very clean πŸ‘

  23. Ahhh nice. Some dipshyts pulling stupid stunts sometimes

  24. Yeah it was really stupid all together bunch of idiots trying to surround me under a bridge but they were painfully slow at it acting super suspicious and wearing bright red cherry on top was the cops less than a mile away I could've just set off a panic alarm or obnoxiously 2 stepping and they would've sped down there lights flashing (didn't know they were there til my escape though lol)

  25. KW if you have money, Progress if you don’t. No exceptions.

  26. I really want to try progress, but I need oem hardware my God speed mono ss are dogshit for daily driving constant stress of going 3 wheels on my driveway πŸ˜…

  27. Love the satin silver, also its super user friendly 18mm socket or wrench there's a center jack point in the front and the oil filter can be replaced from the top behind the block with a cup to avoid spills πŸ‘

  28. what was your fix? new oil cooler?

  29. That was the hardline connected to the block underneath the valve cover on the passenger side single 10mm bolt+ o ring not even funny how hard it was to reach and then I had to sand/repair bought new hoses/hose clamps as well. I made a bunch of messes but now we have fresh oil and coolant without the messy leaks πŸ’ͺ

  30. Happened to me last Friday, was gonna start my new k24 but as I threw coolant straight into the block, it had a small leak. Turns out it was the same connector. It’s a pain in the ass to reach, i had to β€œbarrow” it from my other rsx. Finally, a week later I was able to throw everything back on the car and start it up yesterday. I was on the verge of giving up, car ready to go only to find a small leak, don’t have enough space to work back there so I removed everything to take the motor out again… alternatively, you can use the s2000 one that goes where that big nut is right by the oil filter. I ordered that but couldn’t remove the nut off my k24 since I might’ve put Honda bond and torqued it to like 1000 ft lbs. As to not deal with that headache, I put the s2k one on the other rsx and called it a day.

  31. That sounds awful, I'm getting flash backs already I had to take everything on and off 4-5 times before I had it fixed the way I wanted πŸ’€

  32. If that is the hose that goes into the oil cooler, it's not too bad to change.. you have to remove the filter and there is a huge nut under the filter and the whole cooler comes off.

  33. Yes the oil cooler lines on a k20a2, I noticed a coolant leak, and it seemed pretty basic two clamps, replace the hose, job done but, I poor one gallon of coolant expecting results and it's still a steady drip

  34. I just replaced the damn hose assuming old one went bad and it's leaking from the same spot if the metal connection is cracked how fucked am I? I don't know how to test if it's cracked either maybe I'll try replacing the hose again and checking the hardline closely

  35. Someone tboned my type S and they didn't even give me enough money for a clapped base model πŸ˜‚ glad everything worked out though

  36. SWFL in Cape Coral @dawson.dc5 if anyone wants to link up or see more pictures

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