I figured you people would know. Is there a makeup that would help me cover my scar? I'm rather self conscious of it and I'm tired of it being the first thing people notice.

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  1. I mean honestly not really dude. You’ll likely starve in the military too. You’ll have a better chance of survival if you just end up prepping before hand and make sure that you have a well stocked greenhouse and know how to can

  2. They aren't being treated like adults. Their decisions are being overseen by their parents and their doctors, who make sure that they aren't just being impulsive.

  3. The problem is, some of the parents to try to be accepting, push it too far. Or bring their own issues into it.

  4. Freedom of speech means freedom to say whatever without consequence from the government. There are consequences to every action both good and bad, unintended and intended.

  5. By "way left wing" do you mean pro-clean water, democracy, health care, education and civil rights?

  6. You do realize that none of those things are left or right leaning? those are just authoritarian versus libertarian topics, and how you plan on getting those done.

  7. I like how everyone keeps saying “China & Russia have nukes so they are so much more of a threat”

  8. Trijicon suppressor sites are tall enough to cowitness with that optic

  9. That is absolutely not true, I love talking to people who are passionate about the things they believe in, the things that they do, their hobbies. I never think that they come off as desperate.

  10. Some people are so insecure about their own wants and feelings (or lack there of) that they will need others to downplay their excitement to fit their needs. Its sad to see.

  11. Agreed. What's even better than a good guy with a gun? A guy with no gun.

  12. I'he enjoyed the H-type with elastic middle, like on Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Reduced Signature Chest Rig.

  13. My only concern with there being elastic in the middle is the wear overtime on a bag. I feel like where the H harness lays is kind of a high friction point is that not the case?

  14. How much weight is it gonna hold? X harness doesn’t hold too well compared to H, but the back panel idea can be way more comfy than the H, but it’s takes up more material.

  15. So right now I’m looking at about eight magazines of 762x39, 1 L of water, canteen cup, maps, GPS, admin shit, I-Fak, and a few other things. So it should weigh probably around like 20 pounds-ish

  16. What's lovely is your music choice. MM for the win!

  17. Modest mouse is amazing theres another band that kinda sounds exactly like them that i found recently - Toastool

  18. I got a very lightly used Tuffsew Deluxe Super (straight stitch) from what I’ve read online it’s not much but it’ll do hopefully until I can afford to go the sailrite or consew route.

  19. Im looking at a sailrite right now and wanting to put that shmony down but ive been so hesitant

  20. Yeah man it’s kind of daunting spending that much on a sewing machine but if you’ve got the experience, the money and purpose then I for sure see it. I’m just getting into this, I’ve got a lot of good ideas (I hope) and have sewn before but never to this level so I decided just to dip my toe in rather than jump. Plus that E5 pay ain’t gonna get me a $1500 plus machine 😂

  21. I remember that life hard my guy, I’m just getting into at this level too, I used to do all my own mods to my gear when i was in.

  22. Dude, there’s nothing cringe about buying a PBS 14. That is absolutely awesome that you’re willing to put your money towards something fun and useful even if youre just basement larping to get used to it for now. has some decent prices on stuff and does sales sometimes. Ive had a real mixed experience but so far ive been the only one thats had issues with them so i say gtg.

  23. I’ve seen a few comments asking the origin of “Let’s go Brandon”. I figured I would post this by itself so that if anyone wanted to read they were able to.

  24. I love playing dumb and simply asking a MAGA idiot, "So who is Brandon?", to then watch them tie themselves in knots trying to explain this nuanced slogan to someone.

  25. Brandon is Brandon Brown, a Nascar driver who is overall 14th in the Xfinity race series. During October 2021 Brandon had just won the sparks 300 and was speaking with a reporter at the finish line. Since the beginning of September of that year sports crowds had been chanting “Fuck Joe Biden”. The reporter, knowing what the crowd was saying, but against better judgement (most likely because she felt pressure because it was a live broadcast) misreported what the crowd was shouting as “Lets Go Brandon”.

  26. Check out the pool. It's the end of summer. They might be open to the idea of charging for nothing.

  27. Im trying to put together a little give away event where i just give out boards to local kids. I wanted to pair up with a local shop bc i already have the decks but i need everything else

  28. That's the MO of a predator, 100%. All of his encounters are worryingly about scaring women. He is escalating also. We are going to find a girl in a ditch pretty soon if something doesn't change. I'm not being ridiculous. I have too much of an understanding about predators that are undeterred by authority.

  29. Downtown hendersonville is fantastic for walking and jackson park is just a really fun place to be! Basketball courts, work out equipment, tennis and pickle ball courts, and the trails there are great to run or walk. Just like everywhere though its always good to be situationally aware. If you got a bad vibe on someone just avoid. Your guys probably right.

  30. So I've heard this before but have no idea if it's actually true - basically the idea is that predators/sex traffickers/etc will tie shit to your car (front door handle/hubcap/mirror/etc) so that someone stops to look at it/remove it, and is more easily victimized because they're distracted.

  31. As of right now theres no indication that anyone does this to distract drivers or mark targets according to ECPAT-USA.

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