1. I go back to this one again and again and always find something new to love. What will you read next????

  2. It’s his worst in my opinion so it’s always fun to see how different we all are.

  3. That’s a little harsh and I disagree, but to each their own, it’s not my absolute favorite but it’s up there.

  4. Yeah. I was so pumped for it and was let down big time. I didn’t even bother watching the last season, and AD Is my favorite comedy ever

  5. Never heard it before. I’m from Michigan. We call it side tracking or running. At least my group of friends and anyone I’ve ever ran into and smoked with.

  6. Not us... running or canoeing is all I've ever heard in Western Canada.

  7. That’s the term in the upper mid west of the US

  8. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. It hits the brain receptors regardless of alcohol. With that said, I advise switching things up. I was a big tequila drinker and switched over to wine when I started NAL. I’m 4 months in and basically don’t like the taste of wine anymore but I’m also loving how I feel so I’m not tempted to go back to ruining my life with tequila. Good luck, NAL is awesome!

  9. I can’t stand the taste of wine already lol. Maybe I’ll switch to beer

  10. Hope the bakers dozen rumors crash and burn and there's a festival instead.

  11. Yeah it seems to go against the whole Phish ethos of not repeating and doing the same thing

  12. Been a fan for a while and finally got to see them live beginning of '22. F'ing Rocking show!!

  13. Yeah I’ve seen them like 3 or 4 times, amazing energy. Definitely my favorite rock band of the previous decade

  14. I needed to hear this today, god damn it’s a struggle

  15. Me too buddy and I unfortunately drink all the time. I’m trying to quit at the moment, on day 2 of sobriety

  16. When my kids clog a toilet, I’m annoyed but also kinda proud.

  17. I love that that’s a thing in your life. But you’re right, it’s a rite of passage for a corn fed Midwestern boy such as myself.

  18. “I don’t know how I know that, I took 4 years of Spanish”-GOB

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