1. Was just coming here to type this, I love how many people know the quote just by this still frame.

  2. Thank you for your input on this and your other comment, I really wasn’t wanting to pull the motor in the wintertime in the street

  3. Oh yea, no better way to blow out a gasket and make it leak worse than increasing the pressure behind it.

  4. Strange, not the first time I’ve gotten up in the rev range and hasn’t noticed it get worse. Due to what I was doing when that big noise started I feared the worst but that’s relieving, I do hope that’s all it is. First thing I guess is to check for metal in the oil so in case there is I’m not running it

  5. Yeah, if it wasn’t a T-Top AND a stick car it wouldn’t be worth fixing up in my opinion

  6. And if it were a v6 with an automatic it’d be the perfect candidate for a ls- t56 swap.

  7. I had an 84 Z28 with an LS1 T56 out of a 2001 Camaro and it was great fun, this one was meant to be a quick flip but I can’t get the damn trans back in this one haha

  8. I think my comment got posted on the wrong thread. I was replying to a guy saying asking for a higher resolution picture. So yea, in this thread my comment is irrelevant 😅

  9. I guess the Reddit hivemind didn’t like that, even though you were still right haha

  10. What kind of Trumper drives a Honda Ridgeline? One of the worst trucks out there, and not even an America one. You’d think they’d be more patriotic. Just weird to see one that isn’t an F-150 or something

  11. Ideal for turning yourself into a lobster

  12. It’s just a portable steam room, it’s cold enough outside now I could go for that. Just need some fire

  13. I'm going to guess that this was a prototype and nothing more. I can't imagine how effective it would be to drag two charged hose lines into a fire and immediately lose all your visibility from jets of boiling steam.

  14. Yes, I don’t believe this was ever put into production. The concept is cool, as is the equipment, but not practical for much

  15. Napoleon, although that may not fly in France

  16. So cute! Are dogs common at car shows? Because I feel like I'm missing out

  17. Sometimes! Depends on the show, but usually there are at least a few. Half the time I go there just for the dogs!

  18. He's a funny boy, that's the only music he sings to and the only game he's interested in watching 😆

  19. I just have to find something else they’ll like to listen to then, I wonder what sort of music style they are…?

  20. Lmao there’s probably some kind of EDM, I hope they’re fans of classic rock and roll

  21. yeah, every once in a while they do a demo day. not really sure when they are, but its worth a visit.

  22. I got a schedule for that so I’m definitely going to be back, once I find where I put it!

  23. Got it for $2500 in high school running and driving with 250k miles on it, pretty rusty but 5.5 years later it’s a bit better and runs great. If I were to buy that same car now it would be worth a lot more

  24. Larger and never came with an inline 6, the first gen cougar is more of a muscle car than the mustang on which it’s based. I have a 69 XR7 for my info source lol

  25. Looks like a bigger crowd than Trump's inauguration!

  26. There has never been a single gathering of people larger than the crowd at Trump’s inauguration. So says that our Lord and Savior Donald. /s of course

  27. When there’s nobody at a stop sign or light with me, or very very rarely between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM I will at home. Anything goes in a tunnel though. Don’t want to disturb anyone, but I love my cars. So it’s a win win.

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