1. What is the little TV on your desk? Love the setup, so much character, great job making it your own!

  2. Thanks ! It is a Bluetooth speaker :) it is the Divoom ditoo ! It can display cute pixel art and you can also play retro games on it ^

  3. What if it’s cause at night the only sunlight he gets is the one reflected off the moon so he’s white but during the day he’s more yellow in that form?

  4. Can anyone comment on the WLB balance at coinbase vs MS doe? I understand it’s team dependant but in general

  5. My brain said gambit, but my heart said KRU and my dick said KRU. What a game, VAMOS!

  6. Somewhere upthread you guys said no changes to previously released skins unless bugged, but I’m sure there would be a lot of appetite for colorizing some of the earlier knives. Also, why no color options for the buddies? I WANT TO GIVE YOU MORE RADIANITE POINTS!!

  7. Bro the elderflame dagger variants would be so cool

  8. My best was a GUN spectre but I already have singularity and my second best was tethered realms vandal, rest I don’t even wana say I’ll puke

  9. Wish the npr desk version was in the album, song slaps still

  10. After my snapshot I was searching around this sub for how others found theirs and a lot of people were saying they moved onto next round with suboptimal solutions, and some even only answered one question. Just try your best, the questions aren't that bad and regardless of how you do I am sure you'll move on!

  11. I’m pretty sure 1x30 is for new grad SDE

  12. Same, a friend applied after me, did both OAs and has his 1x30 soon

  13. The item you want to put into a hashmap, is first put in a function that turns that item into a index number. That index number then is where the item and its value is placed. So when you want to lookup that item, we don't have to check every index, we just do the same function calculation and check the index associated with that item. This is also the reason we cannot have duplicate items, because they will all point to the same index when placed through the function.

  14. I have mine in two weeks and i have no idea how to prep for it. Can somebody help me!!

  15. join cscareers discord and use their resources to find tagged questions and do the most popular ones

  16. Hey I asked my recruiter if having my onsite on the Dec 13th week is fine and they said with a smiley face that later dates wont impact it, you'll be fine homie

  17. Why did they change some offers? Do they do this every year? I guess for future reference never accept the offer until a few days before the deadline? Kinda sucks for people who accepted early

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