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  1. Too bad considering the genetics. Hopefully they’re able to get it right in the next coming batches.

  2. Just do what you can. Work but not too hard. It’s not worth the stress and you’re more important than the job.

  3. I’d personally return this as defective. Curious how much this was?

  4. Surprised they approved that strain name 😂

  5. How’s Zelato a sativa-dominant strain when both parent strains are indica dominants?

  6. Rainbow Sherbet #11? How’s the taste/smell/effects?

  7. Nice price for an ounce and the buds look pretty nice. Sounds like the effects are good. How’s the taste and smell?

  8. Good looking nugs for “smalls” and definitely a good price.

  9. Don’t get the Grape Cookies. One of the worst strains I’d had in the program but it could’ve just been a bad batch.

  10. Interested to know how the Summer Heat is. Jealousy x Heatlocker sounds pretty good.

  11. This is the 510 thread 3 pack, forgot to add that. I think i paid $105 which is still pretty steep but I just had to try them.

  12. That’s $35 a piece. Priced about right for live resin. I’d definitely buy, especially considering LS quality.

  13. Just make sure it’s not one of their “strain-specific terpene” distillate carts. BR makes good products but I’ve been disappointed in what I’ve purchased from them lately.

  14. I’ve had this when they first brought it back and I remember it being a little better but I still love it. IMO it’s more citrusy with the Lemon Lime genetics and a little sweet from the Gelato.

  15. 2.5 out of 5 for me. Not bad tho!! I just wouldn't grab again even on sale. I really want to try Lime Sherbert next. I was able to grab the planet of the grapes they did and it was 5/5 for me I loved it so much.

  16. Lime Sherbet has similar genetics (Lemon Lime x Sherbet) and tastes very similar to Yuzu Purple but definitely more sativa leaning.

  17. Pretty buds with interesting genetics. Wondering what the taste is like.

  18. Their LR oil is good but those cart designs are really bad imo. I think they should just put their oil in a “standard” 510 cart.

  19. I got the skunkband and durban cheese and they were both nice nugs but bone dry. the plastic sneak peak containers are always that way it seems. But these were super duper dry. Alot of potential if better packaged

  20. Love BR but my biggest gripe is with their sneak peaks. Not sure why they can’t use glass jars for them as well but there’s always a noticeable difference in quality.

  21. They’ve been focusing too much on putting out too many new strains and not their quality. Klutch is no longer consistent imo.

  22. This is one of the few that I actually really want to try and just haven't from them.

  23. I’d pass, honestly. Effects are good but the smell and taste is definitely lacking.

  24. Just curious how long this’ll last you? I know it’s live rosin but only .35?

  25. For anyone wondering: I know Chizle has a bad rep for the most part, but their Runtz is 👍. I took a gamble and got a 2.83, and for the price, I was impressed. Looks nice, smelled up the room, and effects were good. Taste was good but got better after sitting in glass for a couple of days.

  26. probably best to do one or the other anyway

  27. Why? I take ADHD medication to manage symptoms for my ADHD. I use cannabis for any physical symptoms I may have. Two different uses. I haven’t heard of any harmful effects using both in conjunction…

  28. Caution: Probably one of the worst strains I’ve gotten. I’d avoid it. You get a little grape but it seems like the dry/cure was off. Hay smell, unpleasant taste and really mild effects. Loved their gelato but I’ll be staying away from POW for awhile after this one.

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