1. What's the difference between timelapse and "hyperlapse" ?

  2. Timelapse means more or less the camera is still...a hyperlapse is when the camera is moving...but a hyperlapse is a timelapse as well.

  3. So what happened? When is the FAA going to contact me and rip me a new ass? Been waiting for it for some time now....NOT!

  4. Personally I would get the same amount of $ in quality nose'll get all the bootie you want with that.

  5. Jeez, Just take proof to a dispatch desk, give it to them and call the officer or scammer back and say where you took it...get the name of the cop you gave it to.

  6. Could not fly around the back of them at the time due to line of signal abilities....range.

  7. What type of drone are ya using here? I fly the self made FPV types for fun, but these gimbaled stabilized drones are amazing. Good catch on crime, and I'm willing to bet our local news outlets would love to air this (if they haven't already).

  8. Mavic 3 Standard. Yes. I can fly FPV too...but photography, stabilized drones make for a more relaxed flight.

  9. It can be great if the psychology and habits of the particular family can deal with it.

  10. Some y'all be shocked what a modern Homo sapien can do with their penis but I am not a goin there a huh.

  11. Not the "only" time...and no contact with them is "safe" in the true sense for them. People have been taken from the island before.

  12. Mainly an Americanism. Have seen Anglophiles get offended over it...same as "Dude"....they are not cool like us.

  13. The link OP gave to the Nasa site says, and I quote "This picture of unidentified possible small debris was recorded with a digital still camera"...

  14. So I get to just latch on to that as it serves as better confirmation bias as opposed to it being boring space debris.

  15. This is easily recognizable Russian propaganda...aka "Idiot Bait".

  16. Cant read context. I got a 30 day for just quoting Trump in a thread about what he Another time I got 30 days for saying "Romanian is worse" on a post about a product in regards to what country makes the best AK-47....that is like getting a ban for saying "Italian Pizza is better than Chinese pizza". Facebook is useless.

  17. If you want to use the original file (better res) for anything you can pick it up at

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