Let’s pretend each country in the world is a guest at a party. What are they doing at the party?

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  1. In Croatia whatever you do its very profitable if you do it on large scale. But there are some furits that can make you ton of money for our standards even if you dont have a lot of them, ex plum, you cam either sell it to marketplaces or you can become destilery and make alcohol out of it, which we call "šljivovica rakija" and it makes great money. That's what my family do and here it is great but it requires work, hard work.

  2. Are there not already countless apps that send motivational garbage for free?

  3. Yea, there is plenty of them but haven't seen one with the my 2nd idea.

  4. There is a toggle next to alert box where you can select visible on stream only, on record only, invisible to all or visible on all.

  5. Maybe your browser source is sorted incorrectly and behind your game capture or display capture source.

  6. I keep it on top and browser source is how it should be. No idea whats wrong

  7. Hi there! Sorry to hear that your alerts are not showing for real events. In most cases this is caused by having unlimited moderation delay enabled, or your recent events are paused. These troubleshooting suggestions and more can be found in

  8. Thank you very much! Hope this will solve my problem.

  9. Dude, your walls dont have holes, Idk what youre wearing

  10. There actually is one, in his bathroom right above sink

  11. Work on it. It's not worth much right now but the value is gradually increases so long as you stay consistent. You can check out my project here:

  12. Its like some sort of Shark Tank without people actaully seeing prodict or service in real life?

  13. Why? This is so dumb, you think if you use Jesus as a meme it would drive sales or better marketing? That's sad, if you have to use religion to achieve what u want. As from Christian POV i see it offensive. I belive you and majority of this sub are notbelivers or atheists.

  14. Free games is the only thing making me tolerate epic

  15. True, but to get to those free games is pure chaos

  16. I'm good with sticking to steam and GOG, they're not perfect but all these damn launchers, I dont need that kind of negativity in my pc.

  17. Nah, one country just can't be there, i guess y'all know

  18. Instead of college spent those 4 years learning some skill, ie. Copywriting. Until 17 u will made shit ton of money

  19. I don't understand the question. What causes it to disappear? It's not apparent from the video. It looks functional just like you describe.

  20. So at this moment button "Next" is in inactive state. When I press on checkbox I want it to go active state, full colors

  21. Have u made two variants of the bar ur pressing on,make two variants of the bar the one with no Chek and one with the Chek and then ( on click change two variants two)

  22. Yea i did that But i button change from inactive to active when i press radio button is confusing

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