1. I personally wouldn't, but I'd imagine its fairly common. alot of peeps are nosey. same with using ur bathroom, some just gotta look thru the cabinet, others don't give a shit.

  2. shady as fck in my opinion. would you consider it cheating if your partner does the same thing to you? and every partner in your future does the same thing? it's fine to get to know someone as a friend, but not to see if the person is a better option than a current partner. if you or whoever is looking for better options, should probably end it, out of respect for the current partner.

  3. it's never been proven and he was never found guilty, if you believe he is guilty, id totally understand not listening to him, many just don't believe he did anything sexual to the kids so who's 100% right? whoknows. since there is no correct answer , I choose to listen to one of the greatest entertainers ever, and not think about the accusations.

  4. as a newbie myself still, going on my 3rd grow, the main problems iv learned is pH is extremely important so get a good pH meter, air circulation is also important so have a oscillating fan, environment is important so also having humidifier/dehumidifier, heater/ac will make it easier to achieve a good environment during all cycles of the grow. lastly, my 1st grow I overwatered my plants when they were young which caused problems, so in the beginning don't water too much.

  5. I am growing in a small apartment, and I'm growing in a 2x2x4 grow tent, not sure if u get yearly inspections at your apartment, but we do, so definitely use a carbon filter attached to your exhaust fan. but the basic things u need are. I'm going to recommend what I have purchased as a baseline. lights - ac infinity 2x2 light (100$) grow tent- ac infinity 2x2x4 (bout a hundred) exhaust / carbon - ac infinity 4in ((bout 125 for both) you will also need a fan inside and eventually you will need a humidifier and/or dehumidifier humidity/temp gauge then obviously pots and soil/medium and seeds.

  6. I don't remember the last time I watched TV sober

  7. I like RocBudInc better than NightOwl and NO better than Mephisto. I also like Brother Mendel's Selections. Big companies like Atlas Seed, Humboldt Seed Co, Ethos, and Mendocino Twenty20 are all really good: avoid Crop King Seeds, Rocket Seeds, ILGM, Fast Buds (alright but meh). Seedsman, Dutch Passion, Barney's Farm, and MSNL are great choices for the price but aren't the best of the best.

  8. awesome thanks for the breakdown, I went with double grape mephisto, ordered last night. iv written down all the suggestions for future purchases tho, good info.

  9. stop swearing around her then, it's not hard and not keeping you from being yourself by cutting a few words out of your vocabulary around her.

  10. i think the main reasons are, it's illegal federally and there is really no good way to confirm someone is high on the job, this is also a workman's comp issue. I don't think owners give a shit if u smoke a j after work on your time, but it's easier to say no mmj at all, rather than taking on more liability as a owner and hire without testing for mmj. I'm actually at work now stoned, so I definitely don't agree with it, but the probabal reasons in my opinion.

  11. they are mostly scams from what iv read, I wouldn't take the chance myself unless u can afford to lose it

  12. I'm not really sure what to expect since this will be my first one. When you say some in the past what specifically was bad about them?

  13. my main complaint with most cheap vapes is the output, like hardly any vapor. when I use my better devices I just get higher, quicker, get excellent hits, similar to smoking

  14. 279 is the price for crafty+, usually u can find a 20% coupon for it, that is my go too though, I couldn't afford it all at once, so I used one of those "pay in 4" apps to buy it, makes it much easier to justify it. Also look into to the cheaper arizer line of vapes, iv heard they are really good, I belive the cheapest of those is around 140ish, but never owned one.

  15. I'm harvesting my manderine cookies later tonight or tomorrow, mine are also leaning alot, if not more so.

  16. I get ur argument, but these are 2 totally different things. my body my choice when it comes to hard drugs, they effect hella people, not just the person doing the drug, including being violent and not themselves, especially these drugs nowadays, I wouldn't wanna go outside knowing methheads and crackheads are all over the place. my body my choice when talking about abortion effects a limited amount of people, and not a danger to society. I'm not for or against either, just giving my 2cents on why it's the way it is.

  17. good question. I think everything starts with education. pull up some facts about brain development and how our brains don't stop developing under lower 20s, and it's been proven weed can stunt the development of undeveloped brains. also just let him know the laziness and lack of motivation to do anything while smoking. tell him if he ever wants to make good money, put the weed down until atleast 18.

  18. I use too put my head under the faucet with cold water, or a cold shower. has always helped a ton with weed panic attacks.

  19. Where do you even buy dry ice bruh 😭😭

  20. u need a 4inch exhaust fan with the 4in carbon filter, u will need a small fan or 2 inside the tent. you can put off the carbon filter for a month or 2 since the plant doesn't really smell until late flower.

  21. there are 2 different dates on your card, you can renew on mmjohio without an updated recommendation, but your card will not be valid until the recommendation is sent to ohio

  22. for the most part this is false, overwhelming majority doesn't give a damn who anyone dates based on race and pays no mind, I wouldn't assume you are correct in assuming the thoughts of other people based on their expressions. America probably has by far the most interracial couples in the world, obviously some people feel differently, but they are the minority in my opinion.

  23. you are taking a big risk inhaling alcohol. it's known to damage your lungs, and cause alcohol poisoning from not all that much depending on the person. not telling you not to do it, but atleast look that shit up before doing shit like that. do you though

  24. Because Racist, conservative, white 'Christian's' make hate their identity. They think you can't touch them and that they are superior to everyone.

  25. u seem pretty hateful yourself. pretty big generalization u make.

  26. no it makes yall just as bad for generalizing so many people into being hateful. iv seen hateful racists of many different races/political view/religions. racists are everywhere and no flag is needed for this

  27. in comparison to history, it's nothing like it use to be, it's gotten a million times better in modern days, ever see those "skimpy" bathing suits from the 50s that covered 75% of the body? nowadays girls walk around in thongs with 3/4 of their boobs hanging out.

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