1. uj/ getting a blue chip as a gift changed my mind on this. And I realized I don’t lose picks if I pay ANY attention to what I do with them

  2. Wow. You have $7,772.77 more than I have right now.

  3. I think Darnold has looked decent since Rhule got fired.

  4. Buy here, pay here. Interest rates starting at just 18%!

  5. The only place that will finance jibri. They’ll be lucky if that car lasts the life of the loan

  6. It's no 911 but it's far from the cheapest Porsche one can find

  7. If we include used, yeah, but it’s literally the least expensive new Porsche. Starting msrp of $57.5

  8. Drop your kid off the 12th story, and do like, all the coke.

  9. Like 3 years ago, yeah. That place has gone downhill since Covid

  10. Is it VA? I swear it was Florida again theres a lot of shootings. I take nothing back about Florida.

  11. Nothing against them, and there’s a lot of incredible tattoo artists out there, but to me it’s always seemed like slapping decals on a car in need for speed or something

  12. Seems like a lot of work when you could just ask your mom to borrow hers

  13. I own two beerronics overhive pedals. I fell in love with the overhive and then started to read horror stories of people finding that "one pedal" that got discontinued or the company went under or for whatever reason the pedal isn't in the market place anymore... 😳 Yeah, I'm that dork, I got a spare!

  14. Catalinbread talisman. Exchange rate looks a little rough but I see one on reverb for 130 usd. Looks like that’s below 200 aud depending on the shipping situation

  15. Service is worse now too. Hadn’t been in a couple years. Went with the wife a few weeks ago. Went early since it was a Friday and that place used to always have a wait. Were seated immediately. 20 minutes go by with just menus. No water. No drink order. We walked out. It was a Friday a little after 5. Half full

  16. saaaaame. i really felt like i was settling at the time—couldn’t afford a tube screamer—but it’s a cool pedal unto itself.

  17. I know. I was a broke teenager when the digitech was the cheaper boss. I played a number of shows with an sg and a bad monkey

  18. The best demo he could hope for is right under his nose. Just plug the damn thing in

  19. Doctors say it’s healthy to release your toan from time to time

  20. Good god, this might be the biggest cork sniffer I’ve seen yet

  21. Please explain what that means, I am not a depressed bum I dont sniff anything.

  22. Oh shit, look who found his way into the circle jerk! Looks like English isn’t your first language. All good. It’s just a figure of speech roughly meaning pretentious asshole.

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