1. Should add wanting to destroy the United States to that list.

  2. They don't want to destroy it, they want to bring it back to it's roots

  3. so your saying they want to go backwards?

  4. There absolutely have been death threats, and cases of vandalism against Christian Churches.

  5. Those are good, but y'all really was gonna kill people because the host of a reality TV show lost an election 💀

  6. I know I'll sound like a total dipshit but only found her stuff after she passed.

  7. I could see myself getting addicted and never going outside again lol

  8. I just follow his lectures. Twitter is not an adequate space for profound discussion on themes as sensitive as such, and JP’s should accordingly not be taken as seriously. We all tweet more or less dubious shit.

  9. I'd rather listen to a 4 hour lecture about how his bigotry makes sense if you read the Odyssey

  10. Probably just a dumbass who believes every image he sees on Facebook

  11. Idk she's just dancing, not even twerking or anything I genuinely don't see anything wrong lol

  12. remember when movie pass was a thing?

  13. Moviepass ruled, I think I saw every movie that came out in 2017 xD

  14. Never have and I'm not sure I ever would unless runtime was 3 hours or something. If I spend $20 at the theatre, best believe I'm sticking around until I feel I've got my money's worth. Also wasn't Valentino released in '77?

  15. I've gotten refunds before because the other people in the theater were acting like animals.

  16. How is Captian Marvel military propaganda? That aspect of the film is barely in the movie, and it doesn't make the military look cool at all.

  17. They both were partnered with the air force or navy or whatever. Both of them had ads before the movie, captain marvel's ad was a girl boss bombing Yemen.

  18. If they partnered with them I'd say so, but I think anyone can buy an ad. The Pentagon worked with CM directly so they had to approve the script, and they made ads to tie in with the movie to try and recruit.

  19. Is topgun worth watching if I hate movies where the American army is glorified

  20. It's just awesome all around, especially if you can go to imax. It isn't really jingoistic.

  21. Love the idea of someone being oblivious to military propaganda being political

  22. I posted this to a marvel page, look at the comments and you'll see

  23. He shouldnt direct any marvel franchise. He is unable to direct successful films. Plus he can't handle a big budget.

  24. Marvel movies only have directors as a formality, the movies are made before they're even hired on.

  25. Glad to hear it. We've had entirely too many films that ran out of original ideas and try to cater to the greatest demographic numbers to maximize their profits. Sometimes, you can make a great movie that doesn't try to do that. Plus I've had a thing for Michelle Yeoh for more than 20 years with the Jackie Chan movies.

  26. This is why studios should fund these smaller movies more instead of the same superhero movie every 3 months

  27. Look up the ps2 HDMI converter on Amazon it's only like $8. It works pretty good if you're just casual about it.

  28. Just vote Trump in again and your country will have a leader again. Not a dilutional dumbass

  29. Did they do an episode on Donda? I'd like to hear that.

  30. Hating on someone just for who they are born as makes you no better than Israel, you'd think most people would see that.

  31. They walk on the memory pad things and it says "We remember it so you don't have to"

  32. You gotta love that in 1984 Sheena Queen of the Jungle was rated PG. The first 30 mins of the movie Tanya Roberts runs around topless.

  33. Get sunglasses emo bitch Tetris ultimate forever

  34. Me neither tbh, it's what my r4 card is registered as

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